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Sunday, February 26, 2006

There Has To Be An Easier Way

Tim sent these over to me on the 16th of this month and I finally have them on here. I can't even pin down an exact time but I think the one of the two of us was in Arkansas long before the one of us with the boys. Those kids are now 33 & 37.

First I couldn't find the email again. Finally located the .jpg files with search and then couldn't get them over here.

I printed them, scanned them, and then was able to import them. I did what cleaning up I could but they're old snaps.

I still have to figure out how to go direct from email here. ??? Or at least not have to jump through all the hoops I did. I have flickr but don't have a clue what to do with it.

I'm glad you enjoyed Rochelle's artwork. She was thrilled I was displaying them on the computer. Rebecca wants to know when I'll publish hers. Answer - as soon as she does some. She tends to crumple hers and toss them.

Quiet day today. Other than cooking and kitchen cleaning, I took it pretty easy. I went to sleep earlier and woke up for some reason so decided to check email which led to checking other blogs which led to a couple of postings on the other blog and then back to here.

It's insidious.

I told Tim I'd post the pictures. I look at them and at Tim who tops six feet now and Jim with his almost grown kids (another on way) and wonder where the time goes.

For that matter I look at those old photos of me and wonder the same thing. It doesn't seem that long ago.

I should try for a little more sleep. I'm reading the Scripture at the early service tomorrow and I don't want to be yawning through it. Haven't done it in several years but they asked me last Sunday so why not.

Classic Arts is doing the opening scene of Turandot, a production I don't think I've seen before. They are about to chop off the head of the Prince of Persia for not guessing the three riddles correctly. Now they're doing Nessun Dorma (instrumental with Rosetti paintings) - still Turandot. If I had to choose a favorite tenor aria, I think that would be it even though the premise is a little silly and the hero is an idiot.

I have it on Rhapsody and on dvd. Maybe I'll put it on to sleep by. Sometimes I can fall asleep better with something very familiar than with the switching around.

See you tomorrow probably. I may be a little more inspired. Oh, the roast and biscuits, etc. came out fine and I have leftovers for hash if no one raids the fridge between now and then.


Andie D. said...

I love the pics!

I'd post some old ones of me, if I weren't so ashamed of my Laura Ingalls hair do.

ipodmomma said...

great photos... I've spent the last three days putting pictures from last September to the 5th of this month in an album... so when I get back, I can just put in the trip pics...

again, lovely shots...

ipodmomma said...

ps... just watched a good portion of the closing ceremonies... visually stunning! great acrobatics from the Royal Gymnastic School in Turin!

Aunt Jo said...

Granny, I am learning how to do the picture thing is hard when you are learning by yourself isn't it?

Wow you are up early! I hope you got some more sleep.

You are beautiful...I love old pictures. We should all post some aye?

Lindsay Lobe said...

Nice photos and good to see you revisiting those memories

best wishes

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

love your picutres granny..

you sound like one busy lady..hats off to you..

i will be back:-)

Mother Damnable said...

Lovely pics Granny :>)

Jenorama said...

Your pics remind me of our family pics from when I was a teenager!

That is so great about Rochelle being happy about her artwork, and so funny about Rebecca!

tAnYeTTa said...

COOL PHOTOS! Sooo. did you yawn during scripture reading? LOL Hope not.

Dem Soldier said...

Yep cool photos.....Good memories..

stefanierj said...

Thanks for sharing these. I saw a woman who kind of looked like you driving a car with all kinds of progressive bumper stickers on it, so I pretended it *was* you(even though you live 3000 miles away) and I waved at the driver. It just made me feel like things were right with the world if I could wave at granny on the road. Is that weird?

Gawdessness said...

Pictures mean the world to me.
They give me so much in my own life and as I have said before I love seeing others, glad that you posted them.