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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Now she's showing off

When Rochelle saw I had put her drawing on here, she decided to write all of you a poem. I don't know if you can read it but the second verse says Rain is cold, Rain is blue like the dark blue sea
but who would I love. My family is who I Love.

And then she drew all of us.

L to R
Carol, Mommy Tasha, Johnathan, Grandma, Grandpa, Rochelle, Rebecca (with ponytail sticking straight up) and Elcie.

Pencil doesn't scan too well but you get the idea.

I'll be back either in a few minutes or tomorrow. I want her to see this when she gets up for school tomorrow. Posted by Picasa


Janice said...

How sweet! Rochelle is very creative, and it's wonderful that you encourage her.


Missy said...

Such a great granny! :)

ipodmomma said...

lovely!!! great work Rochelle... :)))

DA said...

Rochelle is very talented! Wonderful drawing again..

Mother Damnable said...

Very Well Done Rochelle :>)

Andrea said...

well that is just beautiful!!!!

stefanierj said...

What a wonderful poem--such a creative, lovely young woman!!

Gawdessness said...

Not hiding her light under a bushel -thank goodness.

Marigoldie said...

Rochelle made sure her Grandma had a sexy hourglass figure in this drawing. Nice!