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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

There's No Stopping Her Now.

I didn't correct her on the "gramda". I think she's on a mission to create something new every day.

I believe those are angel wings surrounding the heart and the word chocolate is there as well. We had a small box of chocolate which may have been her inspiration.

Elcie brought home math tonight which was totally new to her. She had to calculate mode, median, and mean for a dozen problems. All was well until she came to negative and positve numbers on the same problem. 20 of them. I thought she would weep and I kept trying to show her. Finally, I thought about the weather and a thermometer. When she realized that although 80 is warmer than 70, -20 is colder than -10, she got it. I had to walk her through it step by step (I did the writing, the teacher will have to live with it - he should have done it in the first place) but when we were done she was able to go on to the rest.

On the other hand, she completed a week's worth of spelling assignments at once. It's what I would have done.

We also had a short discussion of grammar and manners. Elcie said "I have wrote". Ann said "I have written". Elcie - "whatever". Ann - "Excuse me? Didn't you mean to say "I have written"? Elcie - "I have written - whatever". I must have been like that but I swear I don't remember. It wasn't exactly snippy the first time and by the second she was laughing as she said it. There's just something about that word.

Rebecca is doing better. She starts her work on her own and doesn't seem to need much help. She received her award today with the rest of the class (all but one she says) for effort. There had been some doubt earlier. She tried to explain what the "one" did to lose out. It involved biting and kicking. ?? These are fifth graders.

She made me a drawing for the computer which has now disappeared.

Another one of those nights. It's so quiet that I lose track of time just putzing around. Dishes, laundry, other little chores which are easier after kids are down. I spent a good part of the day running errands. Tomorrow I have a steering committee meeting but other than that and getting the girls to their CATCH program at the church and Carol to her doctor appointment, it should be quiet. Just looked over that list again. More than I thought but I'll probably have another driver for the afternoon shift.

I was about to go to bed and the alpha kitty decided she wanted out. In 10 minutes she'll want back in so I might as well wait for her. It's been rainy and cold today with a lot of wind, at least for us. Supposed to rain for the rest of the week but at least it stayed sunny while the girls were out. I picked them up from school today. The school called and said Rochelle might have pinkeye. I'm pretty sure she doesn't. I've said before the doctor won't test for it; they just issue eye drops for any kid with a slightly red eye. I'm out of eye drops so I'll have to take her in tomorrow. If they can see her. I wish they'd just call in a prescription since they always give the same thing. Almost forgot about that trip. It's always something.

At least I took a nap this afternoon. Even when I go to bed at a reasonable hour and sleep well, I still fade in the afternoon. It's always my eyes, not the rest of me. They keep closing and I finally give up.

No cat yet. Five more minutes and she's on her own. Not true; if I don't let her in, she'll start beating on the window until I hear her. She's learned to count to three because if she's not in by the count of three once I open the door, the door closes again. She usually comes skating in on 2-3/4.

Okay, enough. Have fun with the meme if you decide to try it. Posted by Picasa


Andie D. said...

My son Ben saw Rochelle's picture, and said "Oh! I like that picture! Who made that?"

I explained, and I think he gets that Mommy has some "computer friends". ;)

What a great idea to use temperature to teach Elcie math!

Mary P. said...

My Emma was in the same state last week, and about the same subject. I used the analogy of stairs. Zero is ground level. You can dig down so many steps, you can go up so many steps. The penny dropped and ta-dah! negative numbers are easy now.

I forget that, even though she often seems so grown-up, they're only just getting abstract thought at this age. It really helps if you can give them a concrete example. Temperatures is good because it's familiar and you can see the line go up and down.

madcapmum said...

My husband has the same problem with "saw" and "seen" and "have seen".

Otherwise, he's perfect, of course. A man of impeccable taste. Ahem.

Sp00kalot said...

Any drawing with hearts and angels and chocolate in it is a master piece. Frame that work of art!

Gawdessness said...

blogging the life...I love everything about this post, all the details, it is like looking at a picture.

Jessie Speer said...

I love the drawing. What a beautiful tribute to you. Congrats also on being so creative in your teaching techniques.

Anonymous said...

just tell people you are doing a research project and you are inspecting the backs of your eyelids

mreddie said...

Sometimes the homework just seems to be punishment for the parents (or grandparents) and sometimes we concern ourselves with it more than the young one. It would be nice if afternoon naps were mandatory for adults. ec

Lavender Dawn said...

The thermometer idea is a good one. my girl struggles in math too. i will have to remember that one. cats can be such a pain! I used to flash the porch lights and if he didn't come he didn't come. i miss him! hes at my moms.

jw said...

Ann, you are wondeful with those girls.

mreddie: I have tried to insist that my afternoon naps are mandatory (its been a lot easier since I lost my job!)

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

My grandmother use to take naps but she said she wasn't sleeping, she was "just resting her eyes."

My daughter had problem with decimal points, and I tried to explain using a pie chart. But what really worked was telling her that it is used with money then she got it!


Siri said...

Grannnnnyy...loved this are awesome. The temperature thingy was way too cool...

JBlue said...

Good idea using the thermometer to help her understand that concept.

Uncle Roger said...

One more note... in this country, at least, bullying should not be allowed at all for any reason. All you have to do is say "columbine" and the school better fix the problem pronto. If not, call a lawyer.