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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Falling asleep

I'll try to remember in the morning what I wanted to say tonight.

Right now my eyes won't stay open.

Thanks to everyone who commented. I'll get back to them again in the a.m. when I can make some sense.

Took Rochelle to doctor, maybe pinkeye and they're treating it as if it were. Eyedrops and back to school tomorrow.

Good night.


Alice said...

Once again, love the pitcure. Wish I could draw. I can draw cartoons, but that's it. Nothing 'nice', just comical.
I'm not really artistic with anything but writing, really, which is a shame because I adore drawing and making things.

Sorry Rochelle has pinkeye, and hope she feels better soon. I'm not too sure though what that is? An infection in the eye possibly, that turns it pink?? Sorry, ignorance shines through again.

Well done to both Elcie and Rebecca for Mathematics grasping and award receiving respectively. Big hugs to all three girls (and you, of course) from me.

Sweet dreams.


Beth said...

Goodnight Granny...or good morning now...

Anonymous said...

just don't get confused and put in eardrops. that burns.

Dem Soldier said...

Goodnight Granny........

EmmaSometimes said...

yucky pinkeye. I have a great at home remedy that helps with viral and eliminates bacterial pinkeye. Im not a doctor but it came from a second generation D.O. AND it got rid of it for me in two days (caught it from the kids)

2 - black or green tea teabags (hint: don't try anything minty or flavored. Minty makes your eyeballs feel WEIRD. and no, I have never done far as you know.)

Prepare just as you were making a cup of tea by pouring hot water over the teabags.

Remove bags from tea water, set aside and allow bags to cool completely.

Place damp tea bags, one over each eye and allow to sit for a couple of minutes of course, while you drink your fresh cup of tea.

Also, don't reuse them and don't switch tea bags from eye to eye to avoid cross infection. It will really help.

Hope she is feeling better soon! Sleep tight!

Lavender Dawn said...


Andrea said...

I just realized I never left a comment, now there is so much to comment on. lol!!
Pic is great. Hows the eyes?