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Friday, February 17, 2006

This is for Jim & Tim with love from mom

As well as for my daughter Carol who loved him, his daughter-in-law Espree who was my good right arm, all the grands and greatgrands he hasn't yet met and of course all of you.

This was taken on our last trip back to Arkansas while my husband Jim was alive. He was recovering from surgery on his leg for the cancer which had started in his prostate and spread to the bone before he had any symptoms. Any guys reading this - checkups are crucial and prostate is one of the most curable of cancers if it's caught early enough. Jim was 54. He died much too young. Partners - you nag if necessary as well.

We didn't know how much time we had so we took the boys back for a visit while Jim was still well enough to do it. He fooled everyone and stretched "maybe" six months into five years. Tough guy. He made one more trip alone so he, his mom, and his two brothers could have the time together. I'm so glad he could. On our next trip in April 1988 we carried his ashes back.

I didn't mean to end on a sad note and this trip wasn't sad at all. It was a time of mending fences, taking pictures, and generally enjoying ourselves once again as a united family. Even given what followed, I wouldn't trade that time together for anything.

Believe it or not (and knowing me you probably do) there's a full length post buried under the pictures. At least I think that's where it will turn up. I saved it as a draft in case some of these didn't turn out. Posted by Picasa


tatootim said...

Wow mom that caught me off guard but what a great time that was and how lucky we were to have you two as parents! I Love You Mom!

Gawdessness said...

Good picture, GREAT message.
Turns out that my husband hasn't had a checkup for that in 5 years!!!!


Elizabeth Green said...

Sounds like it was a trip that was well worth it. My mom's brothers are all getting into their 80s, so we like to take those trips every now & then, too. They are not in good health. My mom was 12th of 14 children, and there are only 7 left. Funny how I never thought I'd be this old. I am older now than my mom was when I was a kid visiting and hanging out with my cousins.

Mary P. said...

You have such a good family. And you'll be happy to know that as a result of this post, I asked my partner about this. Yup. Last time he saw the doctor, only a couple of months ago. Sensible man.

kuri & ping said...

That was a lovely post about your family. It's wonderful to see that you treasured each other.

JBlue said...

Sad and wonderful at the same time.

Lindsay Lobe said...

A wonderful story of courage and determination, thanks for sharing it with us.
I think it's maybe a story of a pilgrimage of sorts that comes to mind regarding you late husband and his life with you then. It a special moment captured in time, sad and wonderful just a Julian remarked.

One that will always stay with you I guess

Best wishes