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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Try to Raise Your Kids Up Right and See What Happens

Three separate comments on three separate posts. Tim told me he had been lurking around the blog. Today he pounced. He publicly accused me of eating all the Peeps. "Mom, I almost died at birth". Let's see, that was 33 years ago. My three pounder now tops 6 feet and I don't know how many pounds but his frailty hasn't been a major concern for a while. Maybe I should ground him from Peeps - they're very bad for the teeth. All that sugar. And here I was planning to ask the Easter bunny to bring him some.

I got him back though. In his comment about the powwow, he misspelled Mariposa. His loving mommy was kind enough to point it out. As I never fail to do on Instant Message. It's for his own good after all.

Tim,I love you more than life. Get a blog so I can add you to the blogroll. And keep visiting - you brighten my day.


Anonymous said...

I'M FIRST. i've never been first on granny's blog. yeahhhhhh

Hi Tim, yeah, get a blog. it's the most fun you'll ever have aside from jumping off a moving train

Jessie Speer said...

oooh. i love peeps. i wouldn't blame you if you did eat them all.

tina said...

Three pounds! Pshaw! Tell Tim I weighed ONE pound six ounces and maybe he won't bring it up again!

tatootim said...

The world would be surprised at the level I would stoop to for peeps. Where is that spell check button?

Granny said...

I don't think you can do spell check on comments. You're on your own. You wouldn't care for this spell check anyhow. It doesn't recognize the word blog.