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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Valentine's Day and other stuff

The girls had a wonderful time, all except for Rebecca who forgot to take her treats to school because I "forgot to remind her". I reminded her that wasn't in my job description. They brought home enough junk to hold them until the Easter bunny arrives.

They all went to CATCH, the Tuesday after-school program at the church which also feeds them dinner and then R & R stayed for bell choir.

I had a PFLAG meeting tonight so I've hardly touched base with the kids today. It was my turn to provide the goodies so I took Oreos and Hershey's kisses. At least 4 other people remembered it was Valentine's day and showed up with goodies as well. I ended up bringing most of the cookies and some of the Kisses back home. I have hidden the Kisses although I've never been too successful at hiding anything from Rebecca.

A movement is afoot in California to overturn our domestic partners' act. We're calling up the troops. These people lost in the CA Supreme Court so now they're starting over. Why are they so interested in what's happening in other people's bedrooms?

I have no idea whether their homework was done. They were asleep when I came in a little after nine. I have just taken a picture of my kitchen table (actually no, the kitchen table isn't visible). It wasn't like that when I left. While I was at it I took a picture of my "office" to qualify for this leg of a meme. Many of you have seen it before. Last week was my spectacular garden of mint and cat.

I'll get them on as soon as I finish this up and then I'm bed bound.

They also managed to hold a dvd search on my bedroom floor. I swear they're part gopher - everything flying everywhere as they dig. They can pick it up in the morning. I wouldn't touch that mess with a stick. I just can't figure out why they brought their dvd's which were in their own case in the living room all the way in here just to throw them on the floor. Harry Potter everywhere.

Fidget is the proud owner of a collar with a bell. I might as well resign myself to having him around.

Ray called early this afternoon to say he might be coming home so I didn't go over. I waited and I waited some more. Finally I picked up Tim after grabbing up goodies at Albertson's and went on to the meeting with my phone in my pocket. Ray called right at the break to tell me they had moved him it might be tomorrow. He said he felt like a mushroom. Everyone was keeping him in the dark and covering him with s--t. He must be feeling better. For old stoneface, that's a joke.

Now they think it wasn't pneumonia but a severe form of bronchitis, chronic and very hard to treat. Probably less dangerous but once pneumonia is gone, it's gone. At least the crisis may be over until the next time. If it's bronchitis there will no doubt be a next time.

It's almost two a.m. No fires, fights, or anything else exciting to report.

Good night (except for a brief trip back with the photos).


ipodmomma said...

very funny joke from Ray... I like that!

had a bugger of a day with Spence yesterday, today is better. nothing like a little excitement to keep life interesting...

warmer here though, which is nice.

love the pics! looking forward to hearing Ray is back home with you all...

tina said...

Hee...funny, Ray!

Anonymous said...

so ray isn't much of a joker? is he pretty quiet?

i guess he might be coming home today, better clean off that table.

Jenorama said...

Hopefully Ray can come home soon. You're right about bronchitis. What a drag. But it is better than pneumonia (methinks).