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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Wrapping Up - My 3:00 a.m. Nights Are Over

At least I hope they are.

Hi to Bossy Britches, a friend of Susie who is a friend of Madcap Mum, etc. etc. Any friend of Susie's is okay by me.

I just reset my alarm for school hours. The girls are now back in their own beds. Elcie always is but the girls like to camp out in the living room with their sleeping bags when there's no school the next day. I don't know why the floor is more comfortable than their bunks. Must be their sense of adventure.

I made it through the Scripture (from the 8th Chapter of Mark for any who might be curious) this morning without yawning but with a brief case of stage fright. I was afraid nothing would come out of my mouth so I said "good morning". They all said "good morning" right back and after that I was fine. Very odd. I'm shy in social situations but I can face a hostile crowd with no external problems as long as I'm the one with the mike and I can chair a meeting because I'm the one with the gavel. That friendly bunch threw me for a moment. Maybe I was afraid I'd open my mouth and a yawn would come out.

Rochelle stays in the service with us and Rebecca heads for the Sunday School. I think it's because there's more activity there in addition to goodies. She's our worm in hot ashes and she's well behaved but she fidgets. Elcie decided almost at the last minute this morning to start back singing again. We managed to get her there an hour early to practice and still all make it back out the door on time. She said that they missed her and that Grandpa said he missed seeing her up there. Truth is, I think she's out of her doldrums, at least for now. I've been watching her trying to pinpoint some cause but I'm beginning to think it's just normal puberty stuff and I may as well get used to it.

Rochelle loves to sing and is wondering when she can start singing with Elcie. Probably anytime she wants to. It's very simple music, almost like the days of "lined" singing. Only one hymnal for a congregation so the leader would sing a line and the congregation would repeat. We're high tech and have the words on a screen at the front.

I don't know if there are still congregations somewhere who do the "lined" singing but I do know there are "shaped note" singers in the south. I love to listen to them. Off on a tangent again. I do that a lot.

They went with their mom to her Pentecostal Church tonight. She hadn't been in ages. They all know the girls and love them. No problem for me. Came home, had a snack and piled into bed.

Just paused to look at comments that came in. Hi to Janice, Missy and Mollie (ipodmomma). Janice and Missy are evidently night owls like me. Mollie is thinking about breakfast and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for a lunch box. She lives in Yorkshire but is from Chico, not too far down the road from me. Heavens. Hi, Mother Damnable. The English are all arising.

I can't read the whole comment on the bottom of the screen but I can see the name and the first line which is pretty neat.

It's getting late. Oh, I watched the closing ceremonies tonight with the Mayor of Vancouver and that fantastic tenor singing O Canada. I'm a Yank but I was still misty-eyed watching and listening. Congratulations to Canada for their achievements in the Olympics (I like curling) and best wishes to Vancouver for 2010. We have several Canadian visitors here and I treasure every one.

Congratulations also to any of you reading from other countries and to our athletes from the USA. With our t.v. on the fritz much of the time, I haven't kept up with the Olympics as much as I have in the past.

Now I think I remembered everything. Thanks to everyone I hadn't thanked previously for the nice words about Rochelle. Speaking of treasures, she's another. Of course they all are, each in their own way.

Good night all.


Mother Damnable said...

It's funny that little window of time we have before my day begins and yours ends :>)

"The English are all a rising"

I wish!

Beth said...

I understand about the microphone and the gavel! Going to a party where I don't know people makes me anxious. I can walk right into a class room with no nerves at all. I just have to put on the "professor persona" and I am fine.

Professor me is not shy.

Today I my first day back in the classroom!

Anvilcloud said...

That singer was Ben Heppner, a world renown opera singer who can't draw flies in his own country -- we're so culturally sophisticated. He did appear in Ottawa last summer, and if we comes here again, we'll make every effort to see/hear him.

Gawdessness said...

I love hearing about other families' experience with church.
I love hearing how they are different and how they are the same.

Anonymous said...

best thing for stage fright is to accuse someone of farting, and then you'll get them all laughing. i'd probably have fallen asleep during your reading. but thats me, i have disorders. glad you made it though.

and are you sure you trust me and my friends? we can be pretty weird. bossy britches is weird. wonder if she will ever read this