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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

All Well Here Tonight - Update

Another busy day. Carol had her first chemo of the week (schedule messed up), had errands to run and then lunch with Tim. Carol cooked the chicken. She has good days and bad. This was one of the good ones. By the weekend she'll probably be miserable again. Only a month to go on the chemo I think and then we'll see what's going on with her.

Girls were excellent tonight. Most homework done (Elcie coming down with cold or something so I let her stop before she finished). No big deal - I'll write a note if she doesn't get it done in the morning.

If you have a chance, drop over to visit with Beckster at Gather Your Ideas. She's been having a rough patch yesterday and I'm sure she'd enjoy hearing from people.

She's also a great cook and has two or three recipes on her latest post, one for crab cakes. I'd post them here but I never know whether my "copy and paste" is going to work and it's a big pain when it doesn't.

Glad you enjoyed Rochelle's artwork. Someday I'll try for Rebecca but I know I said before that she's more apt to throw things away in disgust. Don't know why - she can draw too.

It's a little after 10 p.m. here and I am just about ready for bed. Very early for me. At least I've been a little more productive the past couple of days.

More tomorrow maybe. I'll try for inspiring instead of ordinary but no guarantees.


I forgot to mention that I stopped at Goodwill and found a warm sleepshirt that I was sure would fit Elcie so I could get mine back. (Mine is heavy soft flannel with a teddy bear on the front). It did fit her; however, when the girls dressed for bed, Rochelle was wearing mine, Rebecca was wearing Rochelle's, and Rebecca's original won't fit me.

Back to sleeping in a sweatshirt again.

Just put a load of laundry in but I may dry it in the morning.

Good night again.


Andrea said...

Life sounds normal again. I hope your daughter gets through this round of chemo ok.

As for the drawings, they are great.
My mom does work with troubled teens getting them to draw their feelings instead of trying to talk them, which many cant do. She doesnt do as much as she used to but I know that drawing really helped these kids.
Not saying yours are troubled - they have great family life but they have been and are going through a lot. Drawing this way is a really good and healthy way to release emotions. Much better and safer than having them try to contain it all inside.
Keep talking to them about what they drew but never second guess them. It is not what you see, it is what they see that matters.

Missy said...

I'll think positive thoughts for your daughter. I'm sure she'll do just fine but a little positive energy can't, hurt, right?

I hope the kids aren't too sick. We just got over a nasty little bug last week (Anthony had a fever for a few days). He's fine now.

Thanks for your support on the allergy front. The kid had a cookie tonight. I could hardly believe it. I about had a heart attack when he first bit into it!

EmmaSometimes said...

I lost your link (and others) in my browser and now you are back linked. You can't get away now. hehe.

I loved the pics of the ocean (born in So. CA. so it's in my blood!)

hope things are going well for you and yours. :o)

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

I hope Carol is doing alright, what she is going through reminds me of the my dad's rounds of cancer. It's really rough on the system, he got sick alot. I hope when the doctors check her after this round it's good news.

I hope Elcie is better soon, and of course Ray too.


Rowan said...

My great-aunt is battling breast cancer and is probably going through the same thing as Carol. I know what you mean about "good days and bad days" quite well. :\

Heh, in my family I'm known as a nightgown thief! Almost nothing is nicer than falling asleep cozied up in a warm nightgown. :) Come next winter, you'll have to buy lots of extra flannel nightgowns, hehe!

Anonymous said...

i'd say good night, but its morning when i'm reading this heehee

JBlue said...

Wishing Carol well. Funny about the sleepshirts.

Ms. Lori said...

Ann, my best friend of over twenty years, a single mom, is battling stage four breast cancer. Her chemo ended a few months ago, with terrific results, but she must continue on Herceptin indefinitely. The past two weeks, she endured whole brain radiation for lesions recently found on her brain, but her docs are optimistic due to the fact the primary cancer is under control. The science these days is just amazing.

I am in awe of her, truly.

I'll be thinking good thoughts and sending them on to your daughter. (((HUG)))