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Saturday, March 04, 2006


We all seem to be feeling better today, possibly because it's the weekend. I baked some sausage links and packaged crescent rolls and then decided to poach eggs. I ended up with something much closer to egg flower soup possibly because I tried to poach them in this, 6 at a time. (It will hold eight with no problem).

What was left that didn't go floating off into the water tasted fine and my next small purchase will be one of those little circle things that retains the egg. Maybe a tuna can with both ends cut out?

Anvilcloud has fixed the droopy side bar for me. The flag was too big. JW says that the left side of the area floats, the right side is rigid so when there is too much width on the other side bar or the post it forces the right side bar to the bottom (but only in IE, not in Mozilla Firefox). Since I use Firefox, I don't know unless someone tells me.

Once again, the kindness of the visitors here. Thanks to both of you and to Andrea and everyone else who has pitched in. I said I must have the most publicized username and password in the land of blog.

If anyone is still having problems reading it, let me know. If I can't fix it myself, I'll put out another SOS.


DA said...

Bon appetit Ann..

Angela said...

I noticed the with my flag, in Firefox, it went under the writing in my sidebar, which wasn't cool with me, so I resized it. And, I had the same problem as you in IE, pushing all the information to the bottom- frustrating! Also, I had a really hard time posting it, because it kept taking part of the code and changing it, until I realized to click on the Edit HTML bar, instead of the true type window on Blogger... rather frustrating, but worth it!

Baraka said...

Mmmm, I'm hungry.

*goes off to scrounge up brunch



Anvilcloud said...

They both float: one left, one right. The first one in the code seems to take priority ... I guess -- never thought about it before.

Mother Damnable said...

Love poached eggs, we have a little pan with round containers for the eggs, makes life so much easier!

Poached eggs on toast! YUM!

Beth said...

Granny...Evan taught me the coolest way to cook eggs. Spray your non-stick skillet with non-stick spray (or put in a tiny bit of oil). Add eggs. When they are white on the bottom add just a little water...a couple of tablespoons. Put a lid on it and let the top of the eggs steam! They are very like poached eggs, but it does not turn into eggy soup.

Andrea said...

it looks fine now!! I have been trying to figure out how to widen my screen so it takes up more space like yours, cant figure it out though. lol!!!
I think I am just going to leave it alone instead, hehe

eggs: I am an over easy girl with a bit too much pepper. Li likes to cook them with a bit of soya sauce. and not oil, tastes great!