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Friday, March 03, 2006

Driving without pants

I received several questions about this post from the other day.

So I googled it. There were many pages of men (and women} driving without pants Most of them were wearing underwear.

Some were evading the law, one at least (a woman) was winning a bet, one thought it was more comfortable to drive in his briefs and several had no explanation.

They even included a quote from Moe, the bartender on The Simpsons to the effect of "you think you're so high and mighty because you've never been stopped for driving without your pants".

I think one municipality made it legal to drive in your underwear but not shoeless.

Aren't you glad you asked?


Lavender Dawn said...

so how do they know you don't have pants on, lol? that is so funny!

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

I don't see how that can possible be comfortable, because your butt would stick to the seat!


ipodmomma said...

no trousers you say.... very interesting... :)))

MsSisyphus said...

Not if you're wearing undies.

And, um, apparently the Land of the Free feels the need to legislate proper driving apparel. Interesting.

Hey, Ann, where'd the sidebar go?

DA said...

Hi Ann, I'm catching up on your blog today..

Never tried driving without pants albeit I must confess some pant-less exercize on the backseat, erm..

madcapmum said...

No ... pants? I remember driving Poppy to kindergarten in my pjs once and feeling pretty risque, but no pants at all? Ah me, one half don't know how the other half lives.