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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Here's one I haven't seen before

Took me a little longer than I thought to get around to this meme from expat but here it is.


Name 3 things that you think are strange.

Why I always find one more dirty sock just as the washer has hit the spin cycle
Or one more dish just I've poured the soapy water down the drain
Or their homework just as they've rounded the corner on their way to school
Sound familiar to anyone?

What was the last ceremony you attended?

A flagpole ceremony at the elementary school. They hand out the awards each month. My exciting life. Some people make it to the Academy Awards, I'm saluting the flag at John Muir.

One thing you've learned in the past year

That having a blog (which I didn't know existed two years ago) can be fun

Main Course
Tell us about one of your childhood memories.

Hiding my grandfather's entire collection of nails in the tall grass on the edge of the yard. (I'm not sure if I remember this or if the story has been told so many times that I think I do along with the story of hitting him on the head with his own hammer). I definitely remember my first piano lessons with my grandmother from an ancient church hymnal. I even remember the first hymn I played with both hands (and can still play it). I've told that story on the blog before so I'm repeating myself but it's one of my favorites along with listening with my uncle to the Brooklyn Dodgers on the radio.

If you could extend any season as long as you wished, which would it be?

Probably spring, everything is fresh and new and the weather is usually great after the rain stops. If not spring, then fall with its colors. Summer is too hot for too long. I'd like to extend spring and fall by about two weeks each and subtract it from summer.


Give it a whirl if you want.


Expat Traveler said...

hey ann - that was great. I'm glad you like spring or summer just like me. I'm fine with the hot weather where I live because it isn't as bad as growing up in the bay area! Even in Switzerland it's not as bad...

And isn't it just great you can share that with everyone now that you have a blog...

Oh the meme comes from

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

that was cute..i find socks at the darnest times too..

and I would like summer to be all me nutty:)

Lavender Dawn said...

This one is better than some that I have seen! Very interesting. I am very familiar with the appetizers- those always happen to me!

JBlue said...

Spring or Fall for me.

Amen on the socks. What is up with that. Then there's the one white sock that turns up in the wash with the dark clothes.