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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I Forgot Something Important

From Zay N. Smith - Quick Takes
Chicago Sun Times today

We Have Seen the Present, and It Does Not Work:

A nursery school in Oxfordshire, England, has changed "Baa baa, black sheep" to "Baa baa, rainbow sheep."

One more thing - are any of you having problems with spell check other than it not recognizing the word "blog" or have they fixed that.

I tried and tried earlier to get it to work and it just lay there like a lump.

Any ideas? I very seldom use it but when I'm tired, it's helpful. You're very forgiving of my typos but I'd like this to be readable at least.

Good night again.


jw said...

Oh, that place in England change my last name to Blank-person. Blogger spell checker caught a lot of legitimate errors for my last post.

Andrea said...

I dont use it. I type everything in word first. only problem is that the word and rss dont get along but basically it works just fine .

tAnYeTTa said...

Spil Chek? Spil Check? Eye don't Knead Spil check. Eye spill vurry wel. (just kidding).... it. Granny, I've missed you! Back from our trip. Off again tomorrow. I'll be in touch! I'm 5,999 comments away from our goal.

Mother Damnable said...

ooh lovely fluffy rainbow sheep!

~ Off to Oxfordshire to take pics ;>)

I can imagine all the arguments when these children get to real school and mix with children who didn't go to that same Nursery.

Thus we are divided!

Alice said...

...Wait, wait! Blogger has a spell checker? Where?

...Ignorance shines through again.

Ba Ba RAINBOW -? Oh dear God, how ludicrous can you get?? I've had enough of this, things are going crazily too far.
I probably wouldn't care so much if the racist abuse I sometimes receive for being white (and - gasp! - English) was dealt with as seriously and accomodatingly, but as it stands I am hugely pissed off.

Sorry. I'll shut up now.

Still keeping my fingers crossed for you and Ray.

Meow said...

Blogger's spell check never works for me, don't know why.
I have a problem with Word's spell check, though, as it spell checks using American language, and we here in Australia spell many words differently. I wasn't given an option to install an Australian dictionary, so just chose English ... this turned out to be American English. Oh Well, I know which words are spelt differently, so I just make do !!
Hope all is well. Take care, Meow

Badoozie said...

it lay there like a lump? you should have kicked it like a lump should be kicked. no, blogger never recognizes the word blog. why don't you compose in "word" and just copy and paste into blogger, that way you don't have to rely on their retarded spell check

Alice said...

Hellooo! I'm here!

*Jumps up and down waving*

Right. Email is basically screwed for the time being. I doubt you've received any of mine, and I definitely haven't received any of yours. My colleague is trying to contact the guy in charge of the email system side to find out what the Hell is happening, and in the meantime, I'm restricted to Blog comments. I'm really sorry about this; we're trying to sort it.

Try - it might work, and might not. It seems to be working between our offices (EG: between Kidderminster and leicester branch) so, possibly and fingers crossed. I left a message for you in the comments of One Girl And Her Cats as well, and can flick between both there and here to check up on things. So, in a sense, even if the address I gave above doesn't work, I'm here if you need me.

Damn. And I sent Ray a lovely Ecard too... ;-(

nancy said...

You need to enable pop ups from the blogger site. Spell check will pop up in a box on top of your regular screen.

Beth said...

Hi Granny....Just wanted to say hi...and I am keeping Ray in my prayers.

JBlue said...

Granny, tell Elcie happy birthday for me. Hope it's a great one!

Lavender Dawn said...

blogger spell check sucks! there are many words it doesn't recognize and then when I type them in i get a stupid warning. and it doesn't learn! I have tried.

rainbow? my god no wonder kids are such pansies these days.

Jenorama said...

Hope Ray is going okay today. You make me nervous when you don't post.