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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

We're Going Through It One More Time

I had some stuff to write about tonight but maybe tomorrow.

Ray started having pain in his chest after dinner tonight. Nitro didn't help so he went over to the emergency room. I'm waiting. I hope it's nothing but a little indigestion but with his history, we don't mess around. I'll keep you posted.

Other than that, we're all okay. All kids are back in school. Elcie's birthday is tomorrow; she'll be 13 and I'll take her out to dinner after her IEP conference. She wants Chinese so that's what it will be. She managed to hurt one her fingers on her left hand so I sent a note to the teacher in case writing was a problem. It's better tonight.

Rebecca's conference was yesterday. She will pass - it was problematical for a while but her teacher doesn't believe in holding kids back. His theory is if they were bored the first time around, a repeat performance won't help. He hates what he's being forced to teach and has lots of good ideas which he can't implement because he's forced to follow the district agenda which, of course, is geared to the tests. He said also that he couldn't in good conscience fail a kid whose grade average in spelling is 97%. She lacks motivation. Yes, I know. Did he have any suggestions on motivating her? No, and he's tried. She hates math and when Rebecca hates something she shuts down. She's better than she had been though. She will sit down and work on her own - even the math.

After I wrote that depressing post the other day, Rochelle was sitting at the kitchen table with her Grandpa going over her spelling words. She dropped a sheet of paper on the floor and reached over to pick it up; grunting and complaining. She sat back up with the paper and said, "Man, I gotta lay off those french fries (pause) and fats". I was rolling on the floor. So was she and when she gets the giggles, it's fun to watch. She laughs all over.

Obviously, I changed my mind about writing. It's better than sitting here fretting and it's keeping me awake somewhat. I may lie down with the phone beside me in a little while though. I'm really beginning to feel sleepy and the last time he was in, I didn't hear anything for hours. There's no point calling; I can't find out anything except he's there and I already know that.

Speaking of that depressing post, thanks to everyone who left comments. I'm not alone in my concerns about kids today. I'll go back through them tomorrow and make sure I haven't missed something that required a response.

I'm pretty sure we have a new visitor or two as well. Yep, sure do. meow is a SAHM from Victoria, Australia, a cat lover, and a frequent visitor over at Susie's place. And then there's cuppa, anvilcloud's lovely wife. They live in a beautiful countryside outside of Ottawa, Canada. Anvilcloud and I have been communicating one way or another for a while and he always talks about his "cuppa" but I didn't realize she had her own blog and could speak for herself quite nicely. Welcome to both of you.

Just stopped to chat with my friend Jen. Not much more going on for now so I may try to rest.

Talk to you later. Good night all.


Jenorama said...

Good night, and thinking warmly of you and sending prayers for Ray.

Missy said...

Oh, I hope everything is fine with you all. Good luck! Let us know how everything is when you get a chance.

Andrea said...

hugs granny and ray.
I do hope things go well again.

Uncle Roger said...

Best wishes to Ray! I sure hope it's just heartburn.

Ottawa is a wonderful town. Better in the summer by far than the winter (Brrr!), but even the winter is great there. (As long as you're not stuck there for an extended period.) Canadians, too, are wonderful folk, in my experience (a certain co-worker notwithstanding).

Mother Damnable said...

Love and best wishes to you all

Alice said...

I'm here if you need me, Ann. Just read your other comment (when I emailed I had read only one of them) - hope you get some sleep now, and my fingers are crossed for both you and Ray.

I'll have another word with God as well, if you'd like. Remember, I've still got the negatives. ;-)

Hugs xxx

Anvilcloud said...

I hope the guy is okay. Let us know.

Angel said...

((((((More giant hugs)))))) Sending love to you and Ray.

Happy 13th birthday to Elice :)

Caitlin said...

Hope everything works out ok. My thoughts are with you and your family. I hope everyone is back home and healthy so they can enjoy Elcie's birthday.

Alissa said...

Just popped over from The Rude Cactus--your blog name caught my eye :)

Nice to meet you, and hope all begins looking up for your family. You sound like a wonderful person and I'll definitely be back to read more.