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Monday, March 27, 2006

I'm Back and Catching Up a Little

It's around 10:30 and the girls have been asleep for a while. It's been a busy day and I caved for a little while this afternoon.

They all did their homework without nagging (even Rebecca). I hadn't said it before here but their dad is back in jail on a probation violation. I thought he was doing well this time around but obviously something went wrong. They each received a letter from him today and have written back. Rochelle drew her reply.

Kids are resilient but I wish we didn't have this kind of trauma in our lives.

I didn't talk about my preparations for the trip to Stockton. Thought I had everything under control to arrive at 12:30. Checked the weather and driving conditions, kids were dressed (although not in what I would have selected) and all I had to do was grab my purse and go, right?

Wrong. I couldn't find my purse anywhere. Finally gave up. I had my wallet, cell phone, and camera, the other stuff like a lipstick and the small first aid kit didn't matter for that brief run.

I decided to use the rest room here one last time because I'm worse than the girls when we get on the road. Ray was in the closest one so I walked to the back and stepped right into a pile of cat poop. Fidget of course (see photo of his innocent self sprawled all over the homework). He's usually good but every once in a while he forgets. Anyhow, after ten minutes of shoe scrubbing, we were finally on the road. Got to Stockton and realized Elcie's crutches were in Merced. Mollie's daughter J. took over completely with her on our mall walk and she did just fine although I think she felt it the next day.

Blogger keeps sending me "connection failure" messages. It wouldn't dare.

Sunday was church and then just laziness for the most part except for a panic call from number one son for help with his car. Today I made up for it with actual cooking, housekeeping, trip with Carol for her weekly blood test, the usual things. Dishes and laundry don't count as housekeeping. They're in a category all their own.

We all seem to be over our colds or whatever they were although Rebecca was griping a little about her throat. It may be sore because she never stops talking.

Thanks for all the comments and I'll talk to you later.


Missy said...

You always have your hands so full. I feel so lazy when I think about what other moms (and great-grandmoms!) have to go through.

Sorry to hear about your grandson. Those gals are very, very lucky to have you in their lives. Obviously, they could have slipped through the cracks but they didn't.

Here's to hoping he cleans up his act one of these days, enough to play a little more of a role in their lives.

Alice said...

That's funny, yesterday I staggered downstairs feeling wretchedly awful (see email) because I heard the dog whining loudly and half way down discovered a big mound of the stuff, most likely planted there by Simba to show his displeasure about something. Anyhow, feeling lurchy already, I nearly threw up there and then, but managed to hold it until I gor downstairs. Michael cleared it up for me, being nice and helpful for a change.

I'm really sorry about the other thing - poop is a fact of life, for that you get empathy but no sympathy ;-) - Missy is right, those girls are so, so lucky they have you rooting for them and keeping them safe and loved.

Hugs to all. Especially you.


MsSisyphus said...

Dishe and laundry fall into the category of "Entropy".

I'm sorry to hear about the girls' dad. They shouldn't have to deal with stuff like that. No child should. I'm sure you'll help them through it with your usual grace and aplomb.

Anonymous said...

Dishes and laundry. ALWAYS THERE, never finished. You're right--definitely their own horrible category!

Sorry to hear about the girls' dad. They are so lucky to have you there for them. One day soon, maybe, and it'll all get srtaightened out.

Isn't it interesting how cats always manage to look innocent? They are probably the least innocent creatures on earth. I swear mine plot to get each other into trouble--they're worse than my boys!

Gawdessness said...

I really hate it when trying to get out of the house to get somewhere just keeps falling apart. It is like being trapped in some kind of computer role playing game!

Getting over it all and actually getting on your way is indeed an accomplishment in my books!

Angela said...

I get those blogger connection failure messages all the time when typing in the blogger window instead of using Word. But, I've never lost a whole post because of it, usually it goes away pretty quickly.

Jenorama said...

Did you ever find your purse???

Bridgermama said...

Glad you are over your colds. We are working on it around here. Thank goodness your girls have you around through this time with their pa. You're right that they are resilient, but the process goes a lot more smoothly with an awesome granny like yourself!

grannyfiddler said...

i think it was Katharine Hepburne who said "housework! you spend just hours straightening and cleaning and getting everything all just right, and 6 months later you have to do it all over again!"

probably the only thing she and i have in common.

life's a wiggly, rocky road.

Lavender Dawn said...

wow you keep so busy. i think you are very resilient! i wouldn't be able to keep up with you.

cat poop sucks. so does dog doo... my baby was sick last week.

Neets said...

hi granny,
sad to hear about your son-in-law. i pray that the kids would take it with wisdom.
i love your blog... cos, you seem to be facing everysingle day with a smile. it gives me hope with respect to my own life. nothing stops you from being the grandmother, the mother , the father, the friend... your grand kids sure are lucky. God bless you :)

Merle said...

Hello Ann ~~ You sure keep busy, but you are doing a marvellous job for your
Great-Grand- daughters. They are so lucky to have you and your husband.
Look after yourselves as well as it is so important to function well.
Thanks for sending another comment to
Herons Nest after they got deleted.
Cheers, Merle.

Dawn said...

"It may be sore because she never stops talking." I just started laughing!! Sounds like Jeremy. He occassionally gets shy but most times forgets he is shy within 5 minutes. :)

Angel said...

(((Giant hugs)))) I'm sorry about the girls' dad.

I stepped in cat poo at Hemingway's house LOL At least it was famous poo! ;)