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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Quick Takes Again and More Cabbage

Zay N. Smith - Chicago Sun-Times Quick Takes today:

SPEAKING OF SPELL CHECKS: Ann Adams at wants you to know that the spell-check at does not recognize the word "blog."

I'm including a link to his column today in the title. Much of the column is devoted to blogging peculiarities and most of it is funny.

He and I went back and forth in email about 3 times trying to get spell-check to work at all; let alone recognize or not recognize "blog". He figured it out before I did and verified it.

Zay and I seem to share both a sense of the ridiculous and an occasional dismay at the direction the world seems to be taking. Sometimes I get more out of one sentence than an entire column by one of the "oh so serious" pundits. He makes me laugh and I need to do a little more of that.

Nothing has changed since yesterday. Rochelle, Rebecca, and I went to church this morning and then to Wendy's for their french fry allotment (1/2 of it for the month). Brought Elcie home a kid's meal with a decent toy for a change. Wendy's now offers a choice of french fries, yogurt, or mandarin oranges. I'm delighted to see it but a french fry once in a while is uplifting. If they run through their ration, we'll switch over to fruit or yogurt. Doubtful, we don't go out that much.

I have laundry drying and then I'll head over to the hospital. Elcie was asleep when I left this morning. I'm not sure when she got up but she's in a much better frame of mind. Rebecca slept for at least 10 hours without stirring. I have hopes they both got some of it out of their system; however, the day isn't over yet.

Still cold here and the skies are dark but no rain so far today. I don't think it froze last night but it was close. My windshield was clear this morning.

L. tells me that Mo-Wo left a creamed cabbage recipe around someplace. I'll try to find it. Dave aka Turtle Guy thinks we should have a blog devoted to recipes and came up with a few creative names. Told him I thought there were probably a zillion or so already out there. He suggests "pot roast post" among others.

(Yes, I know I said Gary earlier but it wasn't, it was Dave. At least I got the country right).

Found it in L's comment box in response to the cabbage parmagiana post.

Mo-wo said...

Aren't you all fancy?

My fave. Creamed cabbage. Sooooo good with mashed potatoes and either meat loaf or pork chops. Saute julienne of cabbage in oil for a few moments then add 2-3 tablespoons water to steam it for 7 min or so. Then uncover, pour on the cream, salt, pepper and dynamite with a bit of good mustard seed. Cook until softish..

You can saute it a bit hard if you really enjoy carmelized flavours, really just a matter of the time you have.


She just left me a comment about recipes and the information highway. I'll find out more about it and let you know.

Rebecca is building a clubhouse with her next door friends. Came in for snacks (essential) and left again.

Maybe more later when I get back. I haven't fallen on my face yet today so things may be looking up as far as morale around here.


mo-wo said...

Hey Granny. Glad you found it. If you check out my latest comment on L. today I am trying to co-opt here into paving the information highway with recipes.

Want in? I know they are out there.. but I think we could build it better ;>

jw said...

"french fry allotment" - - what a concept. That could even be used for high schoolers.

Merle said...

Hi Ann ~~ Nice to meet up with you.
You are doing a great job raising 3 great grand-daughters,and I am sure you will survive the exercise !!
I hope your husband is soon well enough to get home, and that your daughter is able to win her fight with cancer. I had a radical mastectomy 26 years ago, but did not need chemo, so was very lucky.
Glad you enjoyed the jokes, feel free to use them. Cheers, Merle.

mreddie said...

Wow, how did I get to this old age and not ever hear of creamed cabbage? Sounds good though. ec

Beth said... blogline notifier isn't yours? I have little exclamation marks [!] after everything. I don't know if it is something in the blog-sphere or if it has to do with my computer.

tAnYeTTa said...

bloglines' trippin big time! i just took a chance and clicked on your page to see any new updates and it looks like i've missed THREE! I'm playing catch up.

Alice said...

Hi Ann. Got in at 9 and have spent the last 45 minutes dealing with rebooting the sever and saving all emails I need to keep because at our end our system is completely down. Some screw up, apparently, on the other end. We're changing system, and wires have become crossed. One is claiming none-payment (not true. We have evidence that it was paid in full on time) and the other, well, has just screwed up. It has left our boss and his colleagues feeling rather cheesed off and frustrated as we now not only have no form of email at all, but because of it are causing disruption to our emailing customers...


Anyway, that isn't important. I read your last few posts: heart failure...That's bad, very bad, right? I'm not very informed on these matters, but isn't there an operation he can have to make things easier? I've heard of two: heart bypass and pacemaker - would either of those work?

I'm so sorry that you're all going through this. I don't blame the kids for having meltdowns although it isn't fair on you or your daughter, their world has been disrupted more than once recently and this sounds like their bodies and minds had just had enough.

How are you holding up? I'm praying for you*. My email (as I said) is none-existent right now, but I will let you know as soon as it is functional again, and I will keep an eye out over here and on One Girl & Her Cats in the comments for any news.

Thinking of you.
Hugs xxx

* Is it just me, or does that sound really fake and corny? I am, though. God is going to get a few stern words, and I may be forced to up the threat a little and let him know that the negatives I told him about aren't the only ones I have in my possession...

grannyfiddler said...

ditto to mr. e on the creamed cabbage. it's so simple, but my mouth's already watering. and caramelized! oi! dhere's chust noddink like ghoot peasant foodt!

life is twisting you pretty hard these days, love. many blessings upon thee and thine. consider this a blog hug.

Siri said...

what is french fry allotment grans? just waking up to the day and its 2 in the afternoon...will be back for more :)

Merle said...

Dear Ann ~~ So sorry to get your name wrong. I found all that info in All aout Granny. Thank you for your kind words on Herons Nest.
I will be 72 in May and I could not do half of what you are doing; It takes
me all my time to look after myself. I have someone to vacuum my floors, clean
shower and toilet, and same lady takes me shopping for 2 hors fortnightly.
My son will always do any other message etc for me. I can still do my washing and cook meals.
But you are a marvel Ann, Cheers,Merle.