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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Another Recipe

My friend L. in San Francisco writes a wonderful blog called thehomesickhome. It's full of many surprises. The last thing I expected to find, however, was a recipe for cabbage parmagiana but there it was and here it is.

I've been trying to think of something different to do with cabbage. This is different and simple and the directions are written in L.'s unique style. I think you'll enjoy reading the recipe even if you never try it. I'm going to try it - maybe for St. Pat's which is right around the corner.

I think the stress is catching up with all of us. Elcie had a total meltdown because I asked her to not play the same two lines of a song over and over. Usually I don't care but I was trying to lie down for a little while. I can sleep through a lot, but not that. It's right up there with channel surfing for me. She ended up in bed (which is where she needed to be - she was exhausted) and is still asleep.

I dozed for a little while and woke up to Rebecca screaming and my daughter not knowing what to do next. When Rebecca loses it, she is totally out of everyone's control including her own. All I could do was restrain her to keep her from hurting herself or destroying something. She hadn't done it (at least to that extent) in a long time. I sat her in a chair, took her shoes off, and held her while she kicked a door screaming all the while. Eventually, she slowed down and I left her until she could control herself. It's not a temper trantrum, it's something more and it used to be much worse. With a garden variety temper fit, I just remove the audience and they get bored quickly. Not this time. Like Elcie's, it was caused by nothing - applesauce to be specific. Carol wanted her to eat her dinner before her applesauce; she wanted to eat her applesauce first. I wouldn't have cared as long as she ate. It turned into a big deal which was about the time I joined in, took Carol out of the picture, and dealt with it somehow.

Rochelle coped as Rochelle always does. Sometimes I worry about what she's holding in but it may just be her serene outlook. I hope so.

Of course now I'm wide awake. They've brought their sleeping bags in here and will sleep in my bed tonight unless they change their minds. Fine with me.

Elcie just woke up, I helped her into sleep clothes and she piled right back into bed. Rebecca is already asleep in mine and Rochelle will be close behind.

Tomorrow will be better. We're all just plain tired.


Anonymous said...

well, you and the girls have had a lot to deal with lately. it is to be expected. i know about those fits. my boy has had a few of them, and that is exactly what you are supposed to do is hold them until they calm down. i'm so sorry about all the stress lately.

L. said...

May I also call you attention to a comment on my post from mo-wo, who left her recipe for creamed cabbage.

I hope everyone there is better... As Huggy Nun would say, the moon must be full!

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

It sounds like you've been through the ringer, and did Rebecca hurt her foot kicking the door? This is always a stressful time when there is illness in the family, and you have more than your share with Ray and Carol. Kids always seem to feel it the most, and react in some fasion to it.

Hang in there! I pray for you and your family.


DA said...

You are one amazing woman Ann, hang in there and sleep well..

Turtle Guy said...

With all these recipes throughout the blogosphere, perhaps someone should spearhead a "Better Homes & Gardens" publication... We could call it "Buns From Blogs"... no, wait... "The Parsley Post"... no, wait... "The Pot Roast Post".

Time for another post, I think!

tAnYeTTa said...

garden variety temper fit! i love it. goes to show us that no matter how old or young we are we all have our days! i even have days that i scream (just because) it feels soooooo much better afterwards. hope things get better before they get worse

also...why does cabbage make a person soooo gassy? i love broccoli and cabbage and well umm you know what happens next! LOL

beckster said...

I haven't been by for a few days. I am so sorry to hear that Ray is back in the hospital. Hopefully having a real diagnosis will help once and for all!

Tell your daughter that I understand the foot pain all too well! It is horrible!