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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Anyone Have an Answer?

I received this from my friend Lindsay in Australia tonight:


Hi blogger friends this is Rachael & Lindsay here can anyone help us with a blog tech question?

We would like to sort our archived articles into categories rather than date ranges. (Eg: Poetry, Science, General Interest rather than 12/01/2004 - 12/31/2004 )

I've looked in blogger help and can't find specific instructions on this. I've noticed that some of you have your archives sorted in this way.

Your help would be much appreciated!!

You can find Rachael & Lindsay here

I made three pans of lasagne this morning (with Ray's help - we do an assembly line). Two for the potluck and one for here. I had an appointment with Human Services in the afternoon (that's the p.c. term for the welfare people) and then the dinner tonight. Ray was a little tired so I took the girls.

Pot luck first, then the Seder.

It was wonderful. The Rabbi had a table with all the symbols of the Seder and Passover. He used the tradition of the Seder as a bridge between Judaism and Christianity.

We all shared "charoset", a symbolic dessert of apples, walnuts, wine or grape juice, and cinnamon between two bites of matzoh with a dab of "bitter root" (horseradish). Rochelle loved it and wanted more. The Rabbi maintains this was the original sandwich, not the concoction invented by the Earl of Sandwich.

Afterward, the Rescue Mission choir sang and then our small choir (the one Elcie sings in). She was joined by her sisters this time.

I'd forgotten about the foot washing ceremony which followed. Elcie had done it before but not the little girls. Elcie and I washed each other's crummy feet and then Rochelle and Rebecca, giggling a little but that was okay.

It was more moving than I would have thought. One of our lesbian members washed the feet of a retired school teacher. I had tears in my eyes as I wondered why people everywhere can't keep it that simple. The Rabbi and our pastors were joking together and the people from the Mission (fundamentalist) fit right in. It was one of those evenings which restored my faith, at least briefly, that we may survive the hatred and insanity.

Ray still seems to be doing well.

I have worked out my Easter menu somewhat. Ham of course and probably sweet potatos and baked beans (courtesy of the Messrs Bush - no, not that one) with some kind of salad. Slaw? Jello? I'll figure it out. Elcie requested cranberry sauce. Unusual but why not? Easter is not the production for me that Thanksgiving or Christmas are. It will probably be just us since both the boys are working that day. I'll invite them for leftovers if they're not too tired.

Elcie enjoyed her field trip yesterday to the high school to watch their drama club perform Schoolhouse Rock. Said she liked it better than the dvd.

One more day of school before spring break. Party day for all three tomorrow. I'm sending napkins and cups with Rebecca, cookies with Elcie, and chips with Rochelle. At least they didn't wait until tomorrow morning to let me know and one teacher actually sent a note a few days ahead.

I have a new visitor - I'll post the link to her blog later. We had a glitch. Hi Betty W. (Love to Dance)from Oklahoma.

Past midnight of a long day. I should probably go to bed. Take care, everyone.


Janice said...

Hi Ann,

I stopped by to let you know that I had posted my meme answers from the birthday meme.

I'm so glad Ray is still feeling better, and that's nice about the early Easter celebration you and the girl attended.

I bought a spiral cut glazed ham, because ipodmomma was posting she was buying one and it sounded yummy.

I also posted a couple of Easter cards I don't know if you saw then when you left a comment earlier.

Later Janice~

ipodmomma said...

sounds like a very beautiful event... yes, why can't it just be that simple?

sounds like all are doing well. have a very good weekend!

Tom said...

Good to hear Ray is doing well.

I'm making notes on how you folks did your Seder and to see if we can incorporate parts into our own event. I'd like to do Seder-like events periodically throughout the year.

We have a large number, for our size community. of the disenfranchised and this may be a way to reach them to let them know that somebody cares. We have an active Ministerium so the resources can be considerable IF they choose to support it.

Gawdessness said...

I haven't an answer, sorry.

Loved hearing about your seder service, it sounded almost magical. Sometimes that is what simplicity is.

Glad to hear that the live version of school house rock was better than the dvd. It sounds like fun.

Also seriously glad that Ray is holding steady.

Eden said...

Blogger doesn't have that feature. To have categorized posts, you need to use different blogging software like Typepad, Wordpress or Movable Type.

Jacqui said...

I haven't worked out how to post and post photos at the same time yet, so I have to do the photos first and then edit to get the two bits together.

I was so moved by your description of the foot washing, like you I wish that people would let things be that simple.

I am in awe of you and all that you do, you are a blessing to so many, thank you for visiting Bears Galore.

Anvilcloud said...

Sounds like the ecumenical thing is quite worthwhile.

We'll be having turkey this Sunday. It's not traditional for Easter, but I'm really looking forward to it.

JBlue said...

A wonderful description of the potluck and seder service. Thanks for sharing that.

Jo said...

The foot washing left me all teary. Wouldn't life be wonderful as you said, if it were all that simple? Love your neighbor, why does it seem so hard? Maybe we will come eat at your house instead of ours...

Mary P. said...

Just got back from a Good Friday service, which was simple but very moving. Your ecumenical event sounds lovely. Some Mennonite students I went to university with told me their church did footwashing at specific services, several times a year. Years later I wonder: was it just that particular small church that did that, or is that a wide-spread Mennonite tradition? Nice one, if it is.

dongurigal said...

Granny I think ecumenical events are the way to go...the big three monotheistic religions share so many truths. What a wonderful experience.

Not sure who'd want to go near my feet though!

VMC said...

The ceremony sounds beautiful. I will reiterate here what I said over at Mollie's blog: When I launch on Christianity over at my decidedly secular haunts, it has nothing whatsoever to do with real Christianity, or Christ. It has to do with evil, hating, bloodthirsty, mammon worship, i.e., fundamentalist republicanism. Nothing else.

If Rachel and Lindsay are reading the comments here, I suggest a search on Google for "blogger categories".

There are several hacks available on the web that will allow blogger users to insert categories into their posts.

I will be happy to help if they would like. Just ship me an email.

country-gospel-singer said...

You sound very busy, but very happy. Kids keep you younger! Happy Easter. Sister In Christ, Janie Marie

Baraka said...

Foot washing is such a beautiful act - we do it at the San Francisco's Project Homeless Connect too.

Imagine well-off city folk kneeling at the feet of the homeless to care for them, human to human.

Moving indeed.

Peace & love,

Gina said...

What a lovely event!

Good to hear that Ray is on the mend.

Wish I could say the same for Mr. Personality, he has a gooby nose.

We might be out of luck this weekend!

Lindsay Lobe said...

Thanks for the feedback re blogger categories. We have found a solution (a combination between some suggested "hack" methods on the web and an idea Rachael had) See my site under categories coming soon!

Jenorama said...

Charoset is my favorite part of the Seder.

Your Easter dinner sounds yummy! We are having lamb on the grill. I need to do some shopping today. I only have one boy here for Easter this year, and it's the grown-up one, but he still likes an Easter basket.

Glad Ray is doing well.