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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Bedtime? In a Few Minutes

We lost a child and gained a child tonight. Rochelle is spending the night with a friend and Rebecca has a friend over here. I broke even.

Mo-Wo asked me in the comments if I was afraid of posting pics of the cat on the internet. No, but I'm very careful not to post pics of anyone else's cat.

We all have opinions on the subject of personal photos on the net. Personally, I think it's safe enough; certainly safer than they are every time they walk out the door. On the other hand, I respect the people who disagree and I'd never try to change their minds. I like showing off the girls (and the cats) and I love looking at the photos on other blogs.

Update on my post last night about the Professor and his article. The paper printed a full length commentary and apology for not labeling the article as satire. Maybe that will help. I emailed a link to the article to most of the people who commented on it here. They recognized it for what it was and their replies were thoughtful. As for me, I'm still thinking.

I don't know how many of you have read post hip chick's blog. She's a young teacher in the San Francisco area who has used her blog as a running diary of her pregnancy as well as a commentary on teaching and the system. She was 13 days overdue and finally gave birth to a beautiful little girl named Olivia Phoenix. I don't know if she ever lurks here but it doesn't matter. My congratulations to the happy parents. She has a great blog if you want to drop over there to see the baby pictures.

The weather has now turned unseasonably warm. High 80's (F) and into the 90's. I really must tackle the winter to summer closet change. I have a few shorts out and they can get by for now and it's a big job. If you don't hear from me for a day, don't worry - you'll know what I'm doing.

I fixed a big tuna macaroni salad tonight with tomatos, cukes, bell pepper, and avocado on the side. They polished off most of the watermelon for dessert. I think Rochelle grew another inch overnight. She is so tall!!. She's at least a head taller than Rebecca and they're only 10 months apart. Rebecca was such a tiny baby. I can see that she's growing but she may never catch up with Rochelle. On the other hand, who knows. Right now her mouth is the biggest thing about her.

Testing begins next Monday (9 days can you believe it?) At least they'll have a homework break. I'll lay in a supply of granola bars for their backpacks in case they need the boost during the day. Elcie, of course is finished with hers. As bad as I hate the tests, it will be interesting to see Rochelle's results. She's come an amazing distance in the past couple of years and this year has been almost miraculous. Of course her teachers and I already know that - we don't need the tests to tell us.

I think it's bedtime. I'm feeling a little sleepy so maybe my insomnia is once again behind me. It comes and goes.

Ray still doing well. He's been out of hospital a week today which seems like some type of record. He has to take it fairly easy but he's been getting out of the house more and doing more arund here.

Sports report
Giants 10 - Diamondbacks 2. Sorry, my Phoenix friends. I like the Diamondbacks as long as they're not playing us. They have one player named Counsell who cracks me up every time I see him at bat. He has the strangest stance I have ever seen. Unfortunately, it's effective. He's clobbered us on many occasions.

Rambling again.

No word from Andrea yet but I'm sure they're doing as well as they can traveling that distance with a toddler.

Take care everyone. Good night.


Janice said...

Hi Ann,

It tends to happen in family's were there is more than one child you can either get an extra one or two, trade one or two.

I've got an extra--my young Goth friend is spending the night, so us night owls will talk for a while until I cry Uncle and call it a night!

I'm so glad Ray seems to be doing better, and I do hope that he keeps on getting better.

My daughter is still in the middle of the testing, one more week to go--and I'm glad for the break in the home work too.

It hot!

I think we are just not use to this tempature! We had it easy at 6o through 70 degrees, and here it 85 degrees--ugh! And it's keep getting hotter!

Again Ugh!


ipodmomma said...

yeah for SF!

9 days of testing? did I read that right? oh man....

it's so funny, when they start to shoot up. J has grown what seems to me 2 inches in the past year or so... oy!

we're settled into a pattern of solid 50's... CA has truly passed us, temp wise, and moved right into summer... I do miss those warm days, but have truly become a heat pansy, and can't do the consecutive 100's anymore...

have a good night... :))))

Lindsay Lobe said...

I agree with you its safe enough to post pictures of family on the internet; certainly safer than they are every time they walk out the door.

As your weather turns unseasonably warm ours is unseasonably colder up to 15 (F) below normal and time for jumpers/ coats. As you fix yourself a salad imagine our warm soup.

Pleased to hear Ray still doing well.

I agree with your comments in an earlier post on how disappointing it is to see music disappearing from many schools. In Australia many more people attend art and music then sporting events, in a nation known for its love affair with sport. The same situation I would imagine would be true of the USA, but imagine the hue and cry if sport was discontinued.

Best wishes

JBlue said...

That salad sounds good.

Jenorama said...

I have to confess that I have taken pictures of other people's cats and put them on my blog.

::hangs head in shame::

oshee said...

So sad, the Diamondbacks lost. I will recover tho....
Watermelon sounds sooo good right now. I might just have to pick some up when I go to the store Monday morning. FYI Monday morning is one of the slowest times for grocery stores. Best to find a slow time when taking the babies.

Testing is interesting for me. My kids did their testing beginning of the month. They tend to test well, but sometimes not as well as I expect. Just goes to show, Mom's/Granny's know their kids better than any test.