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Friday, April 28, 2006

Friday Cat Blogging

My camera finally came back home. That first photo is Spunky, paw in mouth, about one foot from the ceiling. Second is a few seconds later on the opposite side of the room looking askance at the strange critter. It's an insect (a gift from my son a few years back. ) He knows I'm fond of weird stuffies. The cat is not impressed.

I'll try for Fidget next week. He's asleep at the foot of the bed (about to fall off now that I look at him again). Not the most graceful cat - matter of fact, he's a klutz.


Gawdessness said...

I love the askance look, that is so much a part of being a cat.

Alice said...

Simba did the paw-in-mouth-real-high-up thing a while back. He was cleaning between his toes and became so engrossed that he fell off!

Glad you got your camera back. Speaking of which…

Took a picture, as promised. I’ll post it on Tuesday (no point now with the Bank Holiday weekend) airmail, so hopefully it should get to you without any problems.

I’m warning you though: laugh and I will cry. ;-)

Have a great weekend. I’ll be back Tuesday.



Ava said...

Glad to see you've got your camera back again. What a pretty cat!


pissed off patricia said...

If your cat's hair was longer it would look a great deal like my own feline friend. Black and white cats all seem to be living in a different world. This is the second one I've had and both of them had such similar personalities.

ipodmomma said...

what a cat!!!

Babble said...

I need to get a camera one day. one day...

Nice pics Gran

Merle said...

Hi Ann ~~ Nice to be back and I have been catching up with your blogs. I hope
that Ray continues to improve, Love the cat in this post.
Thank you for all your kind words on
my post while I was traveling. It was
a great trip and I am so glad to have been able to visit the folks in Q'ld.
Now it is good to be home. Cheers, Merle.

Dem Soldier said...

That's a money shot! Cat, like yeah go ahead and take the shot, let me look my best.....Lol

mo-wo said...

So, Granny, tell me do you ever worry about posting the clearly recognizable images of your cat on the internet? Has it ever crossed your mind that some pet-o-phile might try to abduct or accost one of the little precious?


mreddie said...

Cats are very interesting and curious creatures but we don't have one due the wife's phobia. Of course I prefer to keep the wife and not have a feline. :) ec

Lavender Dawn said...

watching cats fall off stuff while they are sleeping is funny. especially when they wake up and start to scramble.

Kind of unrelated, but when I was pregnant for my first, my parents' cat would lay on my huge tummy while I laid on my side. He was a small siamese and very cute. He fit perfectly up there!

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

Oh I'm so glad you got your camera back! If your like me--you were feeling lost with out you camera. Nothings better for blogging than a good digital camera, and I just love mine!

Great pictures! You totally caught your cat's personality in those shots!


achromic said...

oh how odd my computer was seeing the new post here for a while..... and I am so silly I just thought you were not writting. I am fine! Thank you for all of your love and encouragement. You really brighten my day!

EmmaSometimes said...

your cats have a lot of personality. I wish my boys would grow out of allergies!!

xx_chaineddown_xx said...

hi ann, sorry to hear Ray is back in the hoespital again.

(sad face-->) ,-_-

but i really like your kitties. :D

hope your grils are doing well ttyl (Talk To You Later)
,a young goth friend

cluttergirl said...

great cat pics! odd someone would worry about you posting pics of them. I am pretty sure that everyone who could easily abduct them already lives close enough to see them in person. It's not like someone is going to say "oooo! cats are rare and precious and hard to find! ooo! I can see Granny, who is rich and famous has one! And NOW i know what it looks like so I will abduct it for the ransom money!!" hah! I mean heck, anyone wanting to do that could just walk out their door and pick up ANY cat on the street and post a "found" picture. end of rant! I look forward to seeing the other one!