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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Daily Fish Wrap

Once upon a time there was a newspaper column by that name. I wish I could remember when and where. Probably San Francisco Chronicle and possibly Herb Caen years ago - his column headers changed by the day.

Anyhow, today was better but a total loss so far as accomplishment is concerned.

I went back to bed for much of it and had enough leftovers from last night so didn't have to worry about cooking - just a little cleanup. Basically, I did nothing useful. Warding off a cold once again - maybe I have a head start on it.

The 5th graders begin testing next week. They brought home a list of suggestions for passing tests.

Plenty of rest
Healthy breakfast
Be prepared
Arrive on time
Don't waste time on what you don't know - keep on going
and 2 or 3 others I've forgotten (in 3 languages English, Spanish and one Asian) I don't know if it's Cambodian, Laotian, or Hmong, we have all three).

I wanted to add one more. When you have completed your test, roll it up in a little ball and place it gently in the circular file.

I restrained myself with great difficulty. I opted them out for a couple of years (at least Elcie and Rochelle in Special Day) but allowed myself to be convinced that it hurt the schools.

Elcie is going on a field trip this week. It will cost $25 which I will scrape up for her. I wonder about the parents who don't have $25 at the end of the month and possibly can't even budget at the beginning? Will half the class be left behind? If it were just me involved I'd protest and I may still - after the field trip. Elcie doesn't have much special going on.

With all the candy sales, spaghetti dinners, photos that cost three times as much as we could have done locally, there still isn't enough for a field trip?

No, I'm not starting another rant. I'll stop now.

Girls long since asleep - I'm following instructions about plenty of rest (for me that is). They have a nine o'clock bedtime during the week and usually Elcie's down before that.

Giants update for Mollie - we won - can't remember score 6-3? Maybe.

As soon as I hijack my camera back from number one son, I'll have some pics.

Not very inspired today - sorry.

Take care and good night (don't forget two other brief posts below this one).


Laurie said...

Fight that cold and feel better!

ipodmomma said...

ta love... sometimes the Times has a baseball story, but not very often. I suppose I could just go to their website, but I never think to do that! :)))

we rarely test, and I totally agree... circular file is best...

Beth said...

I grew up in California, do the schools still provide all the schood supplies? Here in my red state we get a list. The Kindergarten list typically oost $25. It gets a little better in middle school when they stop asking you to buy crayons, markers, pencil boxes, water colors, scissors, 2 glue sticks, 2 bottes of school glue ...uggg!!

I usually bought an extra packet to give to the teacher to give to a student who didn't have one. What of the poor family who have large families?

A thinker said...

Hi Ann, thanks for the visit. Just wanted to let you know I've stopped by and will read more later--gotta work now!

MsSisyphus said...

Buying your own school supplies is common practice up here in Canada now. So I'm thinking if even we socialists are doing it, it's SOP for you guys.

$25 seems awfully steep for a field trip. Where is Elcie going?

Most of the schools I've taught at have a reserve fund to pay for kids whose families can't afford the trips. It's not well publicized, though. Generally something the teacher is expected to gently and compassionately broach with the students who don't seem able to pay.

Speaking from the other end, as a parent it is deeply embarrassing to have to admit you cannot afford the fee. I generally do whatever is required to scrape together the cash and not have to access those special funds. For a $25 dollar trip that came up unexpectedly at the end of the month, I don't know if I'd be able to, though. Hell, I blinked at the $8 they want me to cough up for Diva Girl on Friday.

Melissa said...

I agree with you on the amount of money schools ask for. I have three kids, and it seems that between pictures, fundraising, trips, and class projects I'm always sending in something. I have to times all the requests by three. It gets very costly.

Kendra Lynn said...

geez...25 dollars???? I have a hard time parting with that much, unless I am at the dollar store. LOL

Ava said...

We purchase all of our own school supplies in Illinois.

When I was a kid, field trips were free. $25 seems steep to me.


Alice said...

Hi Ann.
I know I said in my email that I wouldn't be dropping by for a bit, but I decided to screw work for a little while, take a break and pop in and see how things were.

First thing's first: you did the right thing checking up on the girls, and I'm so relieved that they're ok. Did you find out what it was?
Poor you. I get so afraid for my younger cousin Kayleigh; she's sisteen now and goes on more trips with friends and the school she attends than you can shake a stick at and every time I hear about her walking anywhere (which she does, a lot)I panic. She's a tall, strong lass, but so vulnerable in some ways...

That's one of the main reason I'm against my having kids; the world is so ugly that you find yourself panicking every time anybody close to you has to walk anywhere, let alone by themselves... I'm going to stop thinking about it now.

Love hospital budgeting, right? Don't get me started. How's Ray holding up? I hope this needlessly long wait isn't leaving him suffering?

- If it is I feel a strongly worded (but of course polite. I'm good at being really polite yet cold and rude) letter coming on.

Not even going to touch on the girls being 'tested' - I'll start ranting else, I know I will. I'll just say I feel sorry for both them and you.

Oh, and I'm Midnight, apparently.

Got to go. I'll hopefully be back to normal soon.

Hugs xxx

Alice said...

I could correct each and every one, but as I'm strapped for time I'll simply say this;

Forgive typos please.

Thanks xxx

dongurigal said...

Rest is a great way to beat a cold. Smart move.

Quick comment--when I was student teaching at a public school in Toronto, I remember being told that there was some financial help for kids who couldn't afford the fees for a field trip, so that they didn't stand out. Does your school have something like that? I don't think it's fair to leave kids out. Not only that, but it's not equal education. (Obviously, we never had this problem in Kuwait).

Bridgermama said...

That's it! I am returning B. There is no way we can fork out $25 for a field trip! Whatever happened to $.50 and a sandwich?

Ava said...

I'm so used to takin pictures everywhere that I go, I'd feel naked with my camera!!!!


EmmaSometimes said...

My daughter has test this week too. I try so hard to get her to bed in good time for some good sleep. The girl fights me almost daily, just another 5 minutes with her face stuck in a book. The bright side? She could be doing something else like watching TV?

Andie D. said...

Wow. $25 for a field trip? Sheesh. Hopefully it'll be worth the dough.

JBlue said...

I hate standardized tests. They mostly test how good you are at taking standardized tests, in my opinion.

Yes, those schools will nickel and dime you death if nothing else. ($25 is excessive, though.) I remember someone posting in comments at Is America Burning that education is free. I want to know what planet he's living on because I need to go there.

Lindsay Lobe said...

I think standardized tests, are very good tests, of whether your able to pass that test, and not much else !!

Best wishes

Dem Soldier said...

Granny, Sleep well, and feel better .

Anonymous said...

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Janice said...

Hi Ann,

Well maybe 25 dollars is a little high for a day trip, but my daughter has a eighth grade graduation trip that--after the cataloge sales and candy sales we needed to pay $171. in order for her to go. Luckily my husband got some over time at work, so we had the amount.

But it a nice trip to Disneyland and she has never been, also the tar pits, and dinner at the Medevil thing I can't remember what's it's called. But it'll be a busy two days and one night in a hotel. But so costing so much I bet a lot of kids couldn't go.


J said...

We do a lot of fundraisers at Maya's school...I hate them. I'm in charge of the fundraising committee, which makes perfect sense to me. If we had someone in charge who LOVED them, the school would have WAY too many. We have a few too many already. Anyway, the money from these fundraisers doesn't go specifically to field trips, we pay for those seperately. The money goes to run the school. And we do buy our own supplies. And kids who cannot afford to go, get paid for by the school.

The thing that struck me about your post was the instructions for's sad to me that people have to be reminded to feed their children healthy food for breakfast and get them to bed at a decent hour EVER. I mean, come on. They'll always perform better on this type of system, I would think. But since the school's funding is related to this damn test scores, of course they have to make sure that the kids do the best they can. Makes me mad.

I'm with you, Granny, about throwing them away. I would hold Maya out of the tests if she weren't in SUCH a small school, and it really can make a difference. One of the teachers at the school has neighbors who use STAR testing week as a week to go on vacation. They pull the kids from school and go to Disneyland or camping, somehwere fun. I'm thinking we should do that when Maya is in Middle School, and there is a much bigger pool of kids in the mix...won't matter so much if she isn't there, then. :)