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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Some Bright News For A Change

First, before I forget, welcome to The Thinker who is from Toronto and New Hampshire, writes about her work with children, and has recently adopted a lovely black rabbit.

Ray's followup doctor appointment was this afternoon. He went in and told Dr. X his tale of woe about the refusal of Humana to cover Protonix and how he became sick again so quickly. He also mentioned that, for us, the cost would work a real hardship. Dr. X. said "Bush - he no good", reached into his drawer and came out with samples. What a relief. He may not be able to keep that up forever but it will give us some breathing space until his tests in May.

The girls are doing fine. Rebecca lectured me on the importance of an early bedtime next week for the tests. She suggested 6 p.m. I said I thought 13 hours might be overkill. We kept negotiating and eventually compromised on 7:30. If she goes right to sleep that will be 11-1/2 hours but I have a feeling all it will accomplish is to have a wide awake Rebecca at 5:00 a.m. insted of a few minutes before 7:00. We'll see. Rochelle has already delivered the healthy breakfast pronouncement. (They eat breakfast at school and it's quite nutritious). Rochelle thinks she should eat breakfast here and then again at the school.

Actually it's understandable. The school weighed and measured her today. 5'3" and 92 lbs. (Almost 7 stone to you, Alice). At her last pediatrician appointment she was a shade over 5' and 85 pounds. She surfs the refrigerator the minute she walks in from school. So do the other two these days, but she outdoes them. I think the school measurement might be off by 1/2 inch but I can almost watch her grow. She's head to head with Elcie, taller than me, and still growing. She and Elcie are sharing jeans - Rochelle has outgrown most of hers and I don't want to buy more now with warm weather coming up fast.

Rochelle is the same child who was worried about being fat just a few weeks ago. I think she's over it although I've noticed she's reasonable about what she puts in her mouth as long as there's enough of it. I'll still keep an eye on her but we may be over the hump for now.

Elcie is very excited about her trip. I'll wait and then have a quiet chat with her teacher sometime before the end of the school year about costs and kids who are left behind. I don't think I mentioned they're going to an Arcade and buying lunch, hence the $25. They're calling it a field trip but it's not; it's a party. That doesn't make it better - what kid wants to be excluded from a party? It's much more fun than a museum. I may suggest to the teacher that if it's just one class going, that she send a note to parents before finalizing plans. If it's a directive from above, there's not a lot I can do except protest after the fact.

I'm thinking about an early night for a change. I go through spells of sleeplessness but usually not for more than a couple of days at a time.

Mollie's sports report - Mets 4 - Giants 1. Barry hit his 2nd of year to no avail. We need relievers in the worst way.

Good night.


Jenorama said...

My goodness, Rochelle is growing fast!

That doctor is a champ.

You will understand why I am pasting this link here-- see my last email:


Granny said...
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Granny said...

A Witch's Cottage

Granny said...

To any of you who think we've lost it, Jen was showing me how to do a link in the comments.

It took a few false starts; hence "comment deleted by author".

We've got it now - it's the same as the post or email - I must have just been missing a bit of code somewhere.

Thanks, Jen

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

That doctor is wonderful! Yay! I hope that Ray keeps doing well.

My daughter has started the testing today, the cat or star or whattheheck they are calling it, and she said the questions were really hard.

I hope to God that she does well.

My daughter is suppose to graduate from the eight grade--if she does well on this test, and keeps her grades up.

My daughter is growing tall as well, and she at nearly fifteen is taller than me by maybe two inches now. But at 5'3 1/2" I'm a little on the short side, so being taller than me isn't saying too much.


Missy said...

That sounds like a great doctor! Thank goodness.

Those kids grow like weeds, do they not?! I remember growing a whole half a foot in one year (between sixth and seventh grades). I also remember crying a lot about my legs hurting. I took lots of pain relievers. Dang, that hurt.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like things are looking up for you! YAY for Ray's Dr.!!

They weighed Drew at the Dr. today, too. He hasn't gained an ounce in 7 months. *sigh* I think he's just going to be tiny.

Mary P. said...

When my oldest was 11, her growth spurt hit with a vengeance, and you simply could not cram the food in fast enough. Tired of constant requests for more, we hit on the solution of a special container in the fridge that was her "healthy snack bin". I stocked it every morning with fruit, carrot sticks, cheese and crackers, yoghurt, you name it. Most nights it was empty again - and she ate three meals and an after school snack beside! It's astonishing.

I swear she ate more at that phase than her now-17-year-old brother does.

madcapmum said...

$25 is a LOT for a field trip fee, in Canadian dollars, let alone US!

I'm having trouble keeping up with the Great Hunger now, and mine are only 8 and 9. Yikes!

So glad to hear you found a human doctor. Best to you all.

Gina said...

A kind doctor is a blessing.

As for growth spurts, none of my son's winter pajamas fit him anymore. But they did two weeks ago.

Actually, I didn't expect to be still using the winter weight ones this late in April, but there you go.

Anonymous said...

ask your doctor is the manufacturers of protonix have a program for patients to get that for a reduced fee, or free. if not, keep asking for samples. don't be shy.

Alice said...

I've always disagreed with the price it takes to go on "trips". I know the costs of these things has to be covered if they happen, but really, with all the other things paid for by the parents (school fairs, raffle tickets, lunch money, donations, school equipment...the list goes on) the money should mostly come out of that.

Our school would have a none uniform day. It would be £1 per child, and with 600+ pupils and at least 30 teachers (who also joined in and paid £3) it would raise at least £500, and these would happen maybe three times a year (that is separate from all the charity donations we raised). We also did other stuff to "raise money for the school", most of which involved spending no more than a £1 per person, and it always angered me how after spending all that classes of 30 or more kids would then be encouraged to cough up £20+ that some just DON'T HAVE to go on trips that COULD have been paid for using just one of the lump sums we raised and have money to spare...

...Sorry. It just upsets me. I knew someone who couldn't afford to go on most of these trips (couldn't afford the £1 to dress in her own clothes for a day until high school) and it was so horrible that she and others like her would be left behind.
With all the offers given, also, to large groups, especially school kids, AND the reductions for kids under 16 I also feel the parents are overcharged. Most school trips were cancelled in first/middle school due to this. It wasn't that the parents didn't care (in my year we were lucky, almost all of them did), it was just that for most it was a choice between new school shoes or a trip to a museum...

...I'm going off again, aren't I?


Sore issue.

Sorry about what Ray is going through too. That's another thing that bothers me. Everybody with health insurance (ours is supposedly free, but still paid for in N.I. contributions, so health insurance by any other name...) pays for treatment, be it a tiny donation or a big one, every week, and there is PLENTY of money to go around, billions of pounds/dollars, enough to treat EVERYONE, but thanks to poor finance management, massive preventble waste, abuse of funds, and the government's love of needless bureaucracy and mindless hiring of too many chiefs and not enough Indians (and not paying the Indians what they earn every day yet handing over six figure salaries to the chiefs in some cases do little more than funnel paper and look impressive) most of it is wasted and the people to suffer are the ones who cannot afford to pay extra and receive the same standard of care that the big important chiefs and government officials who themselves MAKE the problems can...

...Heh. Another sore issue. This has gone from an intended few lined comment to a full essay.

Sorry again.

I'm thinking about you.

- And don't even get me STARTED on the fact that young girls have the "STICK THIN IS BEST" image shoved down their throats from birth...

...I'm going, really, I'm going...

A thinker said...

Oh, somehow I missed this! Thanks for the link to my blog ;-)