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Friday, April 28, 2006

Field Trip (or Party)

Elcie had a great time so I guess I'm glad I let her go. She rode on a bumper car and had a wreck. I tried to get some other information out of her but she was too excited. We'll talk more about it tomorrow.

Welcome to oshee, a Creative Writer and mom from Phoenix who writes a blog called Hallucinations. Some of her writing is included. Alice, take note.

Not much going on today. I met Jim and Tim for lunch but that was about all. Ray seems to have more energy than he did. I hope it continues. He's more focused, he's moving around more and it's good to see. We're hoping it continues.

Since I have absolutely nothing to do, I may have put myself in the middle of a local firestorm. Nothing new actually; I do that with some regularity.

Immigration is a hot button topic here in this largely Hispanic CA central valley city and one I've managed to stay out of for the most part. I can see both sides to some extent and there don't appear to be any easy answers. I may have an cohesive opinion at some point but not yet - just fragments and not enough to jump on any bandwagons.

One of our retired college professors wrote an editorial for the local paper that, on its face, appeared to be an indictment of every immigrant who has ever crossed our southern border, legally or otherwise. It took me about three sentences to recognize it as satire. My first thought was "this guy is in trouble". Sure enough, a couple of days later, two of my neighbors brought me the paper. They wanted me to write a letter about the "bigoted" editorial. I just laughed and said "read it again"; what he is saying is the opposite of what he believes. Okay - I convinced them. Then I emailed the writer and told him what had happened. He emailed back and I offered to help if it escalated. It did. The paper printed a letter this morning supporting his courageous stand and his patriotism. I emailed the Sun-Star and then the professor one more time. He's getting hate mail from one side and letters cheering him on from the other.

I think the paper will probably run something in their weekend edition. He and I were both corresponding with the editors and I'm sure he has other support from people who recognize satire when they see it. He just didn't know his audience well enough to realize that tongue in cheek might not play well here (from either direction).

We're meeting for coffee Monday morning at Barnes & Noble (where else?). Should be fun and I may have made a new friend here. I'd like to hear his actual ideas on immigration.

Other than that, not much going on. I managed to stay awake for most of the day; the girls went to a school program with my neighbor tonight. They weren't part of it so I took a pass this time. We'll have an open house next week and I'll go then. It will be the last one ever at John Muir. Next year middle school for all three.

Talk to you all tomorrow.


Sothis said...

Ah, if only people could learn to read between the lines again. If Jonathan Swift were alive today, he'd be pilloried for "A Modest Proposal." Heaven forbid what would happen to Oscar Wilde (worse than what happened to him then, I think.

I think that most have lost (perhaps never learned) how to read with a critical eye. People react to what they read, rather than step back and actually think about it. I see it with blog comments a great deal--most attacks against a post involve gross misunderstanding of the post. Perhaps schools need to start teaching reason and rhetoric again.

Jo said...

As a Native American, I support the return of all illegal immigrants to their home countries. I say we start with the ones who have been here the longest....

Gawdessness said...

This sounds so like something that you could sink your teeth into!

I love Jo's comment too!

Gina said...

Satire can be so hard to recognize, sometimes you really have to be "out there" with your examples so that people will know something is up.

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

Ann to the rescue! I hope he thanked you! Something else to weigh in on, and here I thought your were busy enough on the home front--silly me.

Sarcasim is live and well, or is it shot dead on arrival?


Missy said...

I like jo's comment, too!

I don't know how I feel about immigration but her point definitely makes me think.