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Friday, April 21, 2006

Friday Cat Blogging - Another Post Below This One

If you take a look at this post from last Friday, you'll notice the same supercilious expression on the face of the cat.

Nothing has changed with Ray which is not a bad thing. Means nothing is worse and he's in a ward, not the step down unit. Maybe home tomorrow? We'll see.

Today was peaceful and warm with more frolicking under the garden hose for the girls. They're all asleep (Rebecca is back in my bed again) I should sneak a pillow under her as soon as I'm sure she's sound asleep. She'll have a horrid crick in her neck in the morning if I don't.

I actually did some cooking (country style ribs marinated in Caribbean jerk sauce and baked). Very different from my usual thing but good. I saw the bottled sauce on sale and decided to try it (along with a couple of other sauces for $1/bottle). It's a good way to find out what we'll like without a huge investment in either ingredients or a more expensive version of the product. Polished off most of the leftover beans and used the sauce from the ribs over the leftover rice. Then I cleaned out the fridge.

I grew up in a town and an era in which Franco-American spaghetti was considered exotic. My mom had a good sense of balance and nutrition but the words "adventures in dining" were not a part of her vocabulary. Imagine my awe when I moved to San Francisco at 20 (1958) and discovered food.

I've introduced the girls to as many types of food as are available here and use many different seasonings with varying degrees of success. I do the same with music and art. Some may rub off and even if they're not too interested just yet, they'll remember.

How did I go off on that tangent? I think it's called Ann's scattergun approach to blogging.

Except for Ray's hospital stay, this vacation week has gone well. The weather has cooperated and, for the most part, so have the girls. The house has suffered of course but they've pitched in with a little nudging so it's not all that bad. Still, I won't mind seeing Monday. Does that make me a bad granny? I hope not.

Once again, I'm going to find some music and read for a while. Maybe a dvd for a change instead of just audio. Just managed to find an opera with a happy ending where nobody dies. Mozart, of course. Marriage of Figaro. It has a dark undercurrent but overall the good guys and gals win - very unusual in opera.

Thanks to all for the comments. I hope I got back to all of you one way or the other.

Take care everyone.


Alice said...

You could never be described as a "bad granny". The only words to describe you in that vein are "a wonderful granny".

Glad the vacation has gone well despite everything. I'm sporting a funky short hair cut.

Wish I had a scanner to send a photograph of it to you.

Then again, best not, eh?

Might crack the screen. ;-)

pissed off patricia said...

I'm told that the best part of being a granny is that you can enjoy the kids and then let them go home. In your case sounds like everyone is a winner :)

Anvilcloud said...

I didn't taste pizza until my mid-teens. We ate a lot of boiled potatoes, I guess.

Gawdessness said...

my mom thought that packaged foods were a true gift from the gods and that is what we ate most of the time. There was so much I had never tried, including sour cream. Now I am a fairly adventurous eater.
The ribs sounds great!
The idea of froliking under a sprinkler just amazes me, it is nice here but nowhere near that kind of thing.

Hoping Ray is home soon.

Ms. Lori said...

See, that very expression is one of the many reasons I love cats. Mirrors my own. ;-)

Happy belated birthday, Ann

Jacqui said...

Our food choices sure have changed in our lifetime, no more meat and three veg, which was what we were reared on, good plain wholesome food. I just love all the spicy things and can't get it hot enough, while my poor Walter begins to perpire when I just mention chilli.

Angel said...

NEVER a bad granny! I think most parents are ready for vacations to end (even if you miss them the minute they leave for school).