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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Short PG-13 Post - I'll be back later.

I remembered what Rebecca said that had me cracking up (when I should have been cautioning her on "language").

We're in car day before yesterday.

Rochelle: So and so called me a "ho".

Rebecca: Rochelle, that's "whore" w-h-o-r-e.

Ann: Rebecca, where did you learn to spell that word?

Rebecca: Doesn't everyone?

Ann: Speechless.

Too much of that name calling goes on around here (is it everywhere?) which is upsetting and once I could speak without laughing, we had a talk about what that word means, no matter the spelling. They already knew pretty much. I'm all for sex ed and open discussion but it's a shame they have to know things like that quite this early in life.

I'll be back.


I received a comment (see comments) from Dawn Marie and I answered her in email. Once I looked at it I decided to copy it here. The exchange between the girls was funny but it's a symptom of something darker.

I'm on the fringe of a "bad" section of town with all that entails.
The kids hear these words and worse every day on the playground and on
the block. Once the word comes out of their "innocent little mouths",
we have "the talk". They can tell me more about gang colors and
insignia, etc. than most adults know. We have that talk as well.

Or, if they ask the question, they get the simplified version of the
answer. Better from me than the twisted sexist, racist, version they
pick up from their peers. And I hope it prevents them from using
these same epithets on other children. I know they are a little young
and it saddens me to hear it but it's the times.

I was still blown away and that seldom happens.

I may have just written my next post.


Lavender Dawn said...

The things kids know these days! My kids might know some of these words, but they don't get the concepts. I think it might be their disabilities- and to me that is a good thing!

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

Kids do say the darnest things.

We had some friends kids over to help with the yard work so they could earn some money.

My husband was hoeing with my daughter small hoe that is a real tool made for kids, but a little small for adults.

And my husband kept saying "I need a new hoe". And the kids kept laughing at him, and he look around at them and said "What?"

They final said "that it sounded like he was saying 'Ho'".

My husband had a confounded look on his face for a while then got it, and said to them "your both sick, and I'm gonna have a word with your parents!"

But they only laughed harder.


Bridgermama said...

I shutter at the things my little bub will be exposed to (and so early)! Sounds like you handled it well!

tAnYeTTa said...

Oops! I'm sorry I laughed out loud. A+ to Rebecca for spelling it, Just kidding.

You gotta admit it was funny and sad at the same time. OUch.

ipodmomma said...

having met your girls, it makes for all the more insight...

sad, yes. funny as well, in a small way yes. I'd have been speechless too...