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Saturday, April 15, 2006

I Have To Find Out What the Problem Is With My Camera

The green light won't stay on. It switches to red and I know the batteries are okay - it may be in the switch. Frustrating and I keep forgetting to go back and ask Circuit City.

I managed to get a couple of shots of Rochelle, Destiny, and part of Rebecca (her pony tail) before it gave up completely. Not great, but you can get the idea. Destiny is my friend Dawn's daughter, almost six years old now. The videos came out better but I haen't figured out how to do them yet.

Anyway, a great time was had by all as you can see by Rochelle's face. The "puffy kits" were better than I expected. A pen that writes in three dimensions so their designs were "raised" on the eggs. Destiny started out with a happy face on hers and the other girls made designs. We ended up with only four kids after all which meant a dozen eggs each with a few left over. The three younger girls decided to hide their own and let the others find them. Fine with me. Elcie stashed hers in the fridge for later consumption.

I didn't get much prep work done for tomorrow so dinner may run a little later than usual. No big deal. A precooked ham is simple and I can throw the rest of it together easily in the morning after church. We can still eat by three o'clock or so and the kids will be munching before then. (Not entirely on candy; I'm not quite that laid back).

We just set the Easter baskets out - I almost forgot until I was posting the pictures. The bunny has gone hi-tech this year and our baskets are zip-locks. You think the kids will care? Heck no.

In past years, I've always found containers that would serve for something else - little pails and things like that. Now that they're older, most of the containers are a little juvenile and I don't like the prepackaged cheap jobs. I'm sure that, as with Santa and the tooth fairy, they're humoring me or not wanting to destroy my fantasies. I can live with that.

Don't think I've seen Feathers before but I could be wrong. She's in the midwest USA with lots of pets and photos on her blog including one remarkable cat that you'd have to see to believe. Hi, Feathers.

It's past midnight and tomorrow will be busy. To those of you who celebrate, have a blessed Easter. To everyone else, enjoy what's left of your weekend.

Update on earlier post - L. just popped up. It's a calla lily. Perfect for Easter.

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Neets said...

Here is wishing you all a very happy easter!