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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Just Checking In For Now

Almost midnight once again and a quiet day. Nothing new about Ray yet - maybe tomorrow.

Dawn and I took all the kids to the dollar store today. Party time. They each had $2.00 to blow and now that they've all learned what is junk and what is worth the buck, they do quite well with their choices. Elcie found two books, Rochelle found a cool red hat and even cooler sunglasses (that's Rochelle all over) and Rebecca found something (can't remember what now) and saved her other dollar.

Dawn invited me to dinner (just me) tomorrow night unles Ray gets out and then both of us if he's well enough. It won't be completely kidless; her little girl is six but it will be a break. Other than that, a very quiet birthday probably.

Thanks to everyone for the comments and the birthday wishes. I've cooled down a little since I wrote the post last night but I'm still not happy.

Everyone, it seems, has been writing about the anniversary of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and fire. Very few left now to commemorate the occasion. Used to be an annual gathering at a landmark called Lotta's Fountain on Market Street. When I lived there it drew a sizable group but now very few are left. The local news interviewed a 108 year old woman, still looking and sounding good who remembered. Wow.

I was in the city for the 1989 Loma Prieta quake. (That's the one that stopped the World Series and took out a small section of the Bay Bridge). Scary but we were all okay with no real damage. Others weren't so lucky.

I'm going to try once again for a reasonably early night. A little reading, some music, and sleep.

Welcome kj and thanks for the comment. I'll try to remember the link tomorrow.

Good night - take care.


dongurigal said...

Happy Birthday!

Hope Ray's doing ok--that story about medicaid made me growl. Just seems so bureaucratic and silly.

Jacqui said...

Hi Ann,
You know that song "I left my heart in San Fransisco", well I sure left a little peice of mine, I just loved the place, and the people I stayed with, who had never met me before I stepped of the train, made it all the more wonderful.
I had the greatest experiences in the US, and the best part of that was the people.
Hope the Birthday was great, jacqui

Alice said...


I hope you have a great time, circumstances withstanding.

Just been scrolling to catch up on what I've missed recently. The people in charge of health care (not the doctors and nurses, I'm talking the fat cat business men with all the power and money) make me SO ANGRY. I'm so sorry you have to go through all of this, and I am going to now go away and compose a rant to post on my Blog about it because right now that's all I can do to help.

I feel so powerless, sometimes.

*Sigh* :-(

Anyway, I'm thinking of you and will send you Telepathic Birthday Hugs; and in case you're wondering, a Telepathic Birthday Hug is rather like an ordinary Telepathic Hug, only it's bigger.

Oh, and it sings...

MsSisyphus said...

Happy Birthday Ann!

I hope Ray comes home. That would be the best present. I think.

beckster said...

Happy Birthday!

I am hoping that Ray comes home to celebrate with you!


Beth said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Andrea said...

I just did some catch up reading;

you need to move to canada cause the hospital medical stuff is starting to totally pi** me off!!! This is totally ludicrous and I so want to rant right now but you did it al ready so I wont repeat it on you birthday.

Hugs to you
BIG hug to Ray
and lots of little ones to the kids as well.
Good luck dear granny.

Gawdessness said...

It sucks so much.
I hate it and I wish it could be different.

Babble said...

Happy Birthday! A nice dinner out. Some one to cook for you and clean up after you. Sounds nice and you deserve it.

Ava said...

I cruise the web at midnight sometimes myself!!!!

Just wanted to say good morning to you!

Sending happy thoughts and prayers to you and Ray!

Angela said...

Happy Birthday!!!

I'm hoping that Ray is well enough to come home soon!

Jo said...

Happy Birthday dear! Please tell me you did something nice for yourself on this day.

Theresa said...

Happy Birthday!

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

Happy Un-Birthday to you and many more!

I was watching the news on Monday morning and they had the Lotta's fountain and it's a beautiful 100 year old vitorian fountain. I think they were going to have a ceremony with it still.

Enjoy your dinner out, and I hope Ray is home and doing better soon!


Missy said...

Happy Birthday!

Sorry I missed your posts this week. So sick from the flu. I know you understand.

I can't imagine what it would be like to live to be 108! Holy shit! :)