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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Short Post About Nothing Much - Update

Wow, my birthday is almost over and I don't feel a day older, let alone a year.

Thanks to all who sent birthday wishes. I even discovered a couple of people, Meg and Theresa, who have the same birthday.

I had dinner with my friend Dawn early this evening and then went over to see Ray just in time to see what they were feeding him. Not bad for hospital fare. He'll eat anything and I could see he was hungry and too polite to eat while I was standing there so I picked up his clothes (to wash and take back) and left. He seems to be doing okay.

I have birthday cake thanks to girls' mom who made two - one chocolate, one vanilla. The chocolate came out more like brownies so she started over.

It's been warm today - enough that the girls were in their bathing suits playing under the garden hose for a little while in late afternoon. Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer yet and then a ten degree drop (F) the next day. I want to get more of their light weight clothing out but closet space is limited and I don't want them to freeze if winter hasn't left for good.

I'll probably leave a few sweatshirts and sweaters on hangers and put the rest up (or pass on) so I'll have space. Next week though, I'm procrastinating.

Rebecca forgot to turn off the water in the bathroom sink (which doesn't drain well) so we had a flood. Took eight bath towels to soak up which, added to the towels they used from playing in the water, made for yet more laundry. It's done and folded; I'll deal with it tomorrow. In case you haven't noticed, more procrastination.

Giants just went down in flames 10-3 AZ. Grrr.

Rebecca said something so funny earlier and I can't remember what it was. I should carry a recorder around. She just made my bed for me. Yes, I'd done it earlier but she crawled in and I didn't bother to do it a second time. Now she's putting lotion on her feet. Says she has dry skin. She and Rochelle are both dry skin girls - not Elcie though. Oops - wasn't lotion, it was my Oil of Olay body wash. She is now rinsing her feet and I'll show her which is the lotion. She can read just fine - she wasn't paying attention to anything but the smell. Hope she doesn't flood the bathroom again. The water is still running. She probably decided on a complete bath.

Rambling again and I'm a little tired. Talk to you tomorrow.

P. S. Jim and Tim just came by to wish me Happy Birthday. Neat.


Ava said...

Sorry to hear about your flood!!!

Glad it didn't get too out of hand.

It's 11:54pm here ... your birthday is almost over!

Hope you enjoyed it.


Bacchus said...

Happy Bday, well what's left of it. I hope you get enoy it.

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

I hope your birthday was a good one and the dinner out was just right. That was nice about the birthday cake, but too bad about the flood.

I finally caught up with my own laundry and dishes, so maybe I'll be actually working in my garden next. Fingers crossed.

I hope Ray will be better soon and out of the hospital, and that was sweet that he wouldn't eat in front of you.

I hope you did something for yourself today, for your day. You do know it's okay to be a little bit selfish on your birthday. I think it's a rule or something.


mo-wo said...

Belated best wishes for a happy birthday, Granny!

oldhall said...

except for Ray not being around, sounds like a nice birthday.

noticed temps there were getting warmer. that's nice!

sorry about the Giants though...

ps... this is ipod... :)))

Feathers said...

Hope you had a wonderful birthday Granny! :)