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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Six weird things (tagged by at least one somebody)

I knew I had done this one before. Sure enough, I did a blog search for "weird" and found too many entries which proves I'm weird because I was usually talking about me or the girls.

There was another meme about the same time - "five weird things about your kids" (or nieces or nephews, whatever) if anyone wants to take a crack at it.

I dug out my old post and added one. It's cheating I suppose but many of you are new since early January so it will be new to you. The comments in parentheses are updates or explanations.

Number 1

I get a hangover from sparkling cider. (Woke up on New Year's Day with a headache).

Number 2

I write posts about closets. (Complete with photos if you're interested).

Number 3

I hate makeup and long hair and dresses. (No big surprise to anyone who knows me). I own one all purpose dress, one lipstick, one compact, and one eyeshadow. When I was interviewed by the local paper a while back, I had to borrow my daughter's lipstick for the photo. I broke down after that and bought one.

Could that be 3, 4, & 5?

Number 4 (I share this with a lot of people - maybe it's not weird)

I want my food separated on my plate and I can't stand eggs and pancakes on the same plate. The yolk gets mixed with the syrup. No way. (Amazing how many people commented in agreement, especially on egg yolk and syrup).

Number 5

I can't climb higher than the second or third rung on a stepladder. If one foot can't touch the ground, I'm uncomfortable. ( I drive across the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Bridge [not the orange one, that's the Golden Gate] with my eyes fixed on the bumper in front of me and looking out of the corners of my eyes for anyone cutting in. There might be a Bay out there but you couldn't prove it by me.)

Number 6 - this one is new - we only needed 5 last time. Inflation is everywhere.

I like Peeps. Purple, pink, yellow, bunnies, chicks, I'm a sucker for all of them. I like cotton candy as well - don't care how unhealthy they both are. Peeps once a year and cotton candy on zoo trips or maybe at a ballgame are not going to kill anyone. I put marshmallows on my sweet potato casserole too and toast them at picnics. Awaiting the food police as I write this.

7. Because I cheated.

I've been chatting with an Australian friend who didn't realize Americans knew about Australian rules football. Sure we do and I love it. That's probably a little weird here but not in Australia. Their referees have a way of announcing goals by putting both arms straight up in the air as if they were on invisible strings. Cracks me up every time. And they kick the ball for scores. We do too but they do it routinely, not just on field goals and point after.

I'll probably be back with pictures of messy kids and eggs. Camera still acting up but I managed to get a couple.


Gina said...

I'm with you on the food separation issue as well, although the only eggs I eat are scrambled, well done.

I think owning at least one lipstick is a good thing.

Oh, and as for the wedding this summer, it is going to be in Carmel. I think that is a bit far from you, no?

mo-wo said...

I am with you on a lot of this stuff. I remember when my aunt and uncle took me camping I was in HEAVEN because all the food came on those plastic, stackable DIVIDED plates. I was really weird too that I would eat my food in 'order'; whatever that meant. My Uncle Ab told me I would grow up all lopsided with one leg made only of meat and another made of mashed potatoes, unless I learned to eat my food all together.

And, on the heights thing it is a nuisance. I have quite limited outdoor skills for a west coaster because I don't like suspension bridges on hikes or riding in cable cars. For our engagement my now MIL gave p-man and me a champagine hot air balloon ride.. I stood in the basket like 5 minutes and bailed. It was about our 8th anniversary when I found out she new I spent the whole excursion in the van.

And on #1 I have had plenty a cider hangover!.. but those were mostly ass smashing bottles of English Strongbow which I think is 2x the % of a US Beer. We have a local cider vendor who's product my girlfriends and I call, "the crazy juice"

Bacchus said...

I love peeps but only after they are stale and chewy. Everyone says this is gross, I get peeps each year and slit into the celephane and then let them dry out until they are completely stale. I have a friend who likes em very very stale.

Granny said...

Mo-wo For one moment I thought you'd bailed out of the balloon.

Bacchus - I'll leave a comment on your blog. My son loves stale Peeps.

Gina - I scramble eggs for the crowd but when I eat out, I like over medium (on the side please).

Missy said...

We're total opposites here, Granny.

I love mixing food.

I love looking out on the water while driving over a bridge. I love heights. When I working on a construction job a couple of years ago, I got to go up into the tower crane (several hundred feet up). The view of Mt. Rainier and downtown Seattle from up there was unbelievable.

I like dressing up and looking pretty, though I never have time to.

Can't stand marshmallows or cotton candy type foods. Yuck! :)

It was interesting learning a little more about you. Thanks for doing the meme!

Ava said...

It's my turn to list six weird things ... I'm posting later.

Melissa said...

I love peeps, and cotton candy! I also can't stand bridges,but I forgot to list that on my weird list. Oh well, I guess I weirder than I thought. ha. ha.

StillWater said...

Wow! Semi permanent make up has alot of uses! But did you know that a woman consumes over 4 to 9 lbs of lipstick in her lifetime! Here is the link that I found that shows all of the research:

Heidi akak VirusHead said...

Ahhh, but this meme was only five weird things about you - which one would you delete? (grin)

Puss-in-Boots said...

Yep, I like my food separated too, otherwise it looks like baby's pap!

Hey, I didn't know you knew about AFL. That is soooo great. Yep, it's a good game, not the least because these hunky young men wear T-shirts to no sleaves and little bitty shorts! Very nice eye candy, lol! Hey if I can't look, there's something wrong.

Keep well - all of you. All the best to Carole and Ray.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Oops, I can't spell - I've had a busy day at work!!!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Oops, I can't spell - I've had a busy day at work!!!

tina said...

Have you ever toasted Peeps over a candle? The sugar coating flames up and caramelizes. Y.U.M.