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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Update - good news

Maybe good news. Ray tells me he might come home tomorrow if all goes well.

The elusive sun came out today and stayed. No rain and comfortable temperatures. Possibly more rain on Sunday but the waterways will have had a chance to dry up.

I've calling it an early night. Thanks to all of you for your concern and comments, both for my husband and the flooding. Oh, and for me as well.

We have a few new visitors. I haven't forgotten you and I'll try to come up with something more complete tomorrow including a funny story about my dryer. In the meantime, welcome to those of you leaving your first comments. I hope they won't be your last.

Good night all.


Missy said...

Yay, Granny! I'm hopeful for you all.

Sleep well (I'm turning in early, too).

Alice said...

Got your email and your comment. Can't tell you how pleased and relieved I am.

Still thinking about you and mentally crossing my fingers. That and the fact that everyone else is doing the same should do the trick.

Tell Ray he'd better get better soon; if he doesn't I'll be forced to send him another Garfield Ecard, and don't think I won't, Ray old fella, because by God I will.

Harsh, I know, but sometimes desperate measures are called for.

Love to both xxx

MsSisyphus said...

So glad about Ray, and that you didn't need to build that ark afterall, Granny. Hope you're feeling up to the weekend!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Here's hoping Ray will really be home tomorrow.

Enjoy the sun while it lasts. We're not seeing much of it here, either...

Beth said...

Oh...I am glad.

-though maybe you shouldn't buy him anything like a TV? Don't want to risk it.

Andrea said...

Hope to see a oicture of ray soon.

you might want to buy a canoe. hehe

Merle said...

Hi Ann ~~ I thought I left a message earlier. Do hope you are safe from floods etc.
I hope Ray gets home soon, and that you are all OK. Glad you get a laugh at some of my posts. Thanks for saying Good Morning. My reply Goodnight Ann,
I am off to bed, just after midnight.
Which is late, but I do not have all the work that you do!!

Gawdessness said...

Hope that all goes very well indeed and that Ray is home wiht you all.

Alice said...

My email has gone down again, Ann. You can get me at until I leave for the weekend (in half an hour) if you need/want to though.

Just ranted again. Sorry. Know I said over on Is America Burning that I wouldn't.

Hope news is still hopeful?

Have a good weekend, anyway, if you can.


JBlue said...

Good news about Ray.

Hey, I asked my little boy what love is. He got very giggly, but he managed to stammer out that it's when a mommy has a little boy.

Sp00kalot said...

My thoughts are with you and Ray, and the house, and all the chillins.