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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

We're Still Doing the Dog Paddle

The rain slowed today but hasn't completely stopped. Another canal broke through its levees in Chowchilla, our neighboring town to the south. Lady Jan in Madera (just south of Chowchilla) says she and her family are fine so far and I hope that continues. We're supposed to have a couple of dry days before the rain begins again.

I talked to Ray a couple of hours ago and he sounded better. He might be home tomorrow or the next day. I misjudged my own energy level today and spent the morning working on the house. By afternoon all I could do was crash for a while. Better now - I need to learn my limitations evidently.

I was just reading Meow's post on laughter. I should take it to heart and dwell more on the good things in life instead of the things I can't control like illness and floods.

On that note, I wish I could have taken a picture but something is happening with my camera. If you have never seen Monk, this won't have as much meaning to you as to me. My entryway bookcase holds part of my bell collection, usually arranged in random order. I looked at it today and some child had lined them all neatly at the back in order from tallest to shortest. A parade of bells. I'll have to ask tomorrow but I'm sure it was Rebecca. It's her style and I'm sure she inherited it from me. You should see the way I stack a dish drainer.

Rochelle will be going on a field trip Friday to the Heifer International farm near Modesto. They have all the animals one would expect to see on a farm as well as a water buffalo and at least one llama. My animal lover will be in seventh heaven. I hope the trip isn't flooded out but the area to the north seems to be okay so far. My older son works in Modesto and the commute has been okay.

Elcie survived her second day of the standardized tests. She celebrated by watching Narnia one more time. I celebrated by watching my Giants beat the Padres. They lost last night. Since she has no homework during test time, she has some goof off time and she's my child who loves the same movies over and over.

It's close to midnight and I should be sensible. Talk to you all later.


Meow said...

Hope you don't have to get those plans from Noah, and the rain stops completely for awhile !!
Thanks for mentioning and linking to my Laughter Post ... that was nice of you.
Hope your day goes well.
Take care, smile heaps, Meow

Alice said...

I know who Monk is (love him and the show, though haven't had the chance to see many), I do the same ordered thing - even with sweets; I separate them into colours and then pair them off.

Glad Elcie is doing ok. I wont rant about education again for a while, but you know how I feel about it and the 'tests' kids have to do.

Good luck with the Doggy Paddle, oh, and let Elcie know that she isn't the only one: I love watching the same movies over and over. I haven't seen Narnia uet, but as a lover of the books and the original films, I intend to.

Email me if you need to. I'll hopefully post later.

Talk to you soon.

PS: in regards to your last email, great talking to you too, I'm relieved he should be home soon, I know; medical staff never listen to mere mortals such as ourselves, thankyou, LANGUAGE, and I agree completely. ;-)

Hugs. xxx

Andrea said...

still raining!!!

I love to watch movies over and over again too, lol!
Glad Ray is feeling better.
Thinking about you tons!

Anonymous said...

Close to midnight? Shoot, I'm good to make it until 10:00!

My boys will watch the same movie every evening for WEEKS at a time. They get to watch one video each night before bedtime. We probably have 30 to choose from. EVERY night for the past 2 weeks it's been "Because of Winn Dixie". Before that it was "Herbie fully loaded" for a month.

Stay dry!

Beth said...

I love Monk...and like the image of the bells. Now it would really be Monkish if you kept re-arranging them by color and Rebecca kept re-ordering by height!

I am still keeping Ray in my thoughts!

Take care of yourself Granny.

CaliGirl said...

keep the life jackets ready. never know when it rains there in

hugs to you

Gina said...

Yes, take care....

Gawdessness said...

I think learning our own limits is very hard. I haven't quite figured out mine yet, even when I try on purpose not to push too hard.

Take care all of you!

Jo said...

What I remember best about Chowchilla were those kids buried in a bus! I am sure you remember that too. If you feel like tidying up, there is plenty to do at my house and you are invited!

ipodmomma said...

oh, I remember that story too.. wow, how many years ago was that?

yeah for the Giants! I wonder how much Barry Bonds will play this year...

Babble said...

Oohhh I need to get Narnia I forgot it came out this week!!

Dewelling on what is good and not bad is always hard for me at times but my kids always cheer me up.

Carries Stepbrother said...
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dongurigal said...

Glad to hear that Ray is feeling better.

Advise Rochelle to stay clear of the llama. Cute creatures, but they spit!

madcapmum said...

Take good care of all yourselves. "Narnia" is going to make an appearance in the family Easter basket this year. I loved it! It's just a happy coincidence that the kids did too.

Jo said...

Fine, fine fine, Ipodmama, thanks for reminding me that I am OLD, OLD, OLD! But if you remember then you are old too!

Beth Fish said...

I am very jealous of that field trip.

Jenorama said...

Oh my gosh, I saw the news today and immediately thought, "Oh my god, that is where Ann lives."

Holy CRAP! Glad you are doing well, hope Ray can come home soon.

JBlue said...

Hope Ray is doing well. I have one of those kids who loves the same movie over and over.

Dee said...

Dwelling on the good things really helps at times. I know I have had to do that a few times. I do hope Ray gets to feeling better and is on the mend.

I have not been to your blog before but I did read the notes you have on anvil's blog.

Sp00kalot said...

The canal broke through its levees?! Quick Ann, did you buy yourself enough beer and poptarts? I'm serious. Apparently, that is what you need first and foremost.

Confused? I just posted about it.

mreddie said...

Wow, all your rain sounds serious, we could use a bit of it here. It is supposed to rain here Saturday - right in the middle of the large annual golf tournament. Working yourself out of energy sounds like what I do on occasion and I just come in and crash on the floor.

I enjoyed 'Narnia' too - my oldest granddaughter is one that will watch a movie over and over and can repeat almost every line in it. ec

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

We haven't bought Narnia yet, and I need to ask my daughter if she wants that or Howl's moving castle. I have all the books to Narnia and Howl's moving castle is actually the wizards castle and I have that book too. I dug it out of a book case and my daughter is reading it now.

That's cute about the bells mysterously get organized.

Stay dry (we are) and try to get some rest.


Merle said...

Hi Ann ~~ I hope the rain has stopped
and you and the girls are safe. Also
I hope Ray is soon well enough to come
home. Thanks for your comment today ~~
I liked being compared to Forrest Gump.
It is one of my favorite films and Life
is like a box of chocolates, isn't it?
Cheers, Take care, Merle.