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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Andrea (temporarily in Shanghai)

has a new post


tatootim said...

OH Mom happy mother's day I love you your post summed up Grandma beautifully but I have to say that you are one of the most exciting people I have ever met I am glad not only that you are my mommy but that as we have aged we have become good friends to each other. I hope that makes sense mom I love you...Tim

Granny said...

Hi Tim. It would make more sense if you were commenting on the post about Grandma Marge but I know what you mean.

See you later. Save trip back from Bakersfield.



tAnYeTTa said...

Ahhhhh tooooo sweet.

Turtle Guy said...

Grammas are mums too! Wishing you the very best, always!

I'll pop in on Andrea tomorrow morning... very tired turtle here!

dongurigal said...

Thanks for linking--I was waiting another few weeks before clicking on Andrea's blog again.

I should probably get bloglines, eh!

Meow said...

This is a joint comment, on the past few posts.
I hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day.
Your posts on your birth mum, and adoptive mum are wonderful ... you have certainly lived an interesting life. The photos are great. Thanks for sharing.
Take care, Meow

megz_mum said...

Ditto Meow! I seem to have missed reading a few posts, so just caught up. Thanks for sharing.

JunieRose2005 said...

The posts on your 2 Moms were so good!

I think it's wonderful that you have been able to love them both!


Peritia said...

Hello there!

Since I've just started blogging I don't really know you yet, but reading the posts from May was enough to make me impressed by you as a person. It was particularly interesting to read about your adoption since there is something similar in my own family: my parents are the foster parents of my niece that my brother had when he was 18.

And concerning purple hats: My plan is now to jump straight to the 80-stage. I even have a purple hat! I love everything purple, including this blog:)