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Monday, May 15, 2006

The Usual Thing and Some Links to Past Posts

I've been sitting here trying to reconstruct the past three days so I could write something sensible. I know I spent a good part of Saturday trying to put the two Mother's Day posts together. I still have to file those photos back in their albums.

Thanks to all for the comments. I'm not sure if I got back to everyone but I appreciate your kind words. It was not the easiest writing I've ever done but I'm glad I did it.

Let's see. New visitors:

Pertitia is Nerdine's sister who also lives in Norway and has just begun her blog.

And Saija from Canada who writes a spiritual blog.

And Meredith . She and I are frequent commenters on Blogging Baby but I'm pretty sure it's the first time she's visited here. We've been teasing each other back and forth in the BB comment boxes for a while. She has a beautiful little girl and I think she's Canadian but I'm not sure. Not everyone posts that information and if she did I couldn't find it. Meredith, correct me if I'm wrong.

We've had a good few days. I managed to get to church Sunday morning with Rochelle and Rebecca and then stopped for fast food (shame) with the two of them. You've heard me say before I believe in moderation and this was Rebecca's first treat of the month; Rochelle's second (and probably last). They made their first trip to the park later in the afternoon (pushing Elcie) and this time didn't get lost. On their first attempt on Saturday they forgot one turn and ended up at the school playground (even with my written directions). Rochelle usually has a builtin compass but not this time. Rebecca told her she should turn but Rochelle didn't want to hear it. They enjoyed the playground so no harm done.

I talked earlier about the girls' field trip to the Learning Center of Heifer Int'l. The Pastor announced Sunday that the Sunday School kids had collected $500., most of it in small change. They purchased a water buffalo, a llama, and some small unspecified critters. I hope another group purchased a second water buffalo and llama of the opposite sex. They were quite rightfully proud.

I couldn't reach my mom yesterday. My brother quite often takes her out for the day. I'll try again - probably call my brother first to make sure he will be there. She has a slight hearing problem so they are on both phones when I call.

After school today, their mom took them to the lake for a little while. That water is still cold but they don't care. They came back home, had dinner, did homework, had baths, and then to bed. They were ready. Elcie is catching up her work from last week - mostly repetition of math that she's learned so not too bad. We had to go back over long division a couple of times. She knows, she's just a little scared of it.

Oh, Rochelle went on a field trip as a reward for a year on safety patrol. The arcade in Modesto once again but much less expensive. The school must have found some money between the time I paid $25 for Elcie and now. She spent $5. and had a great time.

Elcie's feeling much better except for the 95° (F) temps which are getting to all of us. We didn't have much of a spring. Our swamp cooler is up and running which makes all the difference in the house and we have fans going as well.

One of the commenters (Hi Mo-Wo) mentioned that she didn't know much about me. Way back in September of last year, I posted a chronology of sorts; updated it a few months ago and, for anyone who's interested, here it is . I can't remember when I did the update but not much has changed.

And this post talks about my marriage which came as a surprise to some of my early visitors who knew me only from Blogging Baby.

this is why I'm raising three great-granddaughters. Much has changed with their mom - she's quite involved with the girls now although I don't think the guardianship will change. Who knows though?

I've drifted away from writing about myself and more into a "granny" blog of the "koolaid" variety. This should catch anyone up who wants to know more about my extremely checkered past.

Mollie, Giants redeemed themselves - Feliz grand slam, Barry still sitting on 713.

Take care everyone (those of you who are still speaking to me after reading all that ancient history).



dongurigal said...

Granny, you are an amazing woman. Period. I hadn't had a chance to read your archives, thanks for posting these.

I am kind of teary now. In a good way.

megz_mum said...

Thank you for the links to the previous posts - I knew bits of it, but that cerainly tied it altogether. You are wonderful - the world needs more like you!

Merle said...

Dear Ann ~~ Thanks for your comments and
kind words. I have read your life stories and had seen some of them before. Thanks for sharing these personal stories with us. Inspirational
is my word for you. We all have things in our past that we do not always tell about. You are one brave lady. I hope Ray is doing well and tat Elcie is well
again. Take care, Merle.

kuri & ping said...

Granny, thanks for the links to your earlier posts. I'm a more recent visitor so it was helpful to get some "background" info on the woman inside the computer! :)

Alice said...

God bless the Koolaid ship and all who sail in her.

I will never, ever grow tired of reading what you write, and I doubt anybody else will either.



ipodmomma said...

sounds like a lovely weekend, and at least they are winning... I wonder if Barry is just stretching it out... :)))

Jacqui said...

Hi Ann,
ditto to what alice said.

I've posted the answers to the # quiz, you were right about the 16 tons.

hugs jacqui

Lindsay Lobe said...

Hi Ann

Congratulations on the Funds raised for the animals.

I was very interested to read your story about your birth Mom and her background, to reflect on her particular special gifts and failings. Sounds like she was a remarkable woman, sad for you she became dependant later upon alcohol.

Your adopted parents,like many folk of that era disadvantaged by the depression showed remarkable resilience to ensure your interest in music and the arts. A gift I notice you enjoy to this day in no small measure.

An interesting posting of your childhood written in a compassionate and non judgmental way. That was a diferent era, not to be repeated, for to day we face other challenges, but it some ways no less difficult,as to the raising of your grandchildren in society to day as you no doubt attest.

Whilst on the subject of music try listening to the latest welsh m/soprano, Katherine Jenkins.
Adjust the nob at the top of her website to listen to a number of extracts.Ony 25!

Best wishes

doubleknot said...

My, you had so many people in your life who cared about you. Times were different back then - a lot different.
I had my daughter just as the times were changing and a single mother was becoming accepted. I wouldn't marry her father but that is another story. She is my shinning jewel.

Angela said...

I love reading what you write - even if I don't always comment. I also love all of your comments back to me!

My friend and I have decided that Barry will hit 714 or 715 in Oakland this weekend. Preferably one at a time - and with the A's having a sizable lead. I'll be there, it'd be pretty cool to experience it even if I'm not a fan of his or that team. When it was 8-0 Giants in the fourth last night I was sure he must have been involved, but alas, he wasn't!

Gina said...

Thanks for the background info, Ann. Like I said, I am always interested in reading people's histories, the good and the bad.

Because that is what life is made up of, it can't be roses all the time.

tAnYeTTa said...

Granny, I've said this before and I'll say it again. You are truly an amazing woman. Anyone who has the opportunity to call you a friend, has found a true treasure. You're so witty, to the point and never takes sh*t from anyone! My kinda woman. You put it all out there and people can take it or leave it. That's what I'm talking about! Love ya Granny! My Granny passed on before she could meet her granddaughter who is 18 years old now. I know that I've met quite a few grannys in my time and they've all been 'look if you don't like it bite me' type of grannys and I can proudly say, you're right up there on the list with them. Thank you for always keeping it real!!!!!!!!!

oshee said...

Everyone has already said it all! I've said before what an amazing person I think you are Ann. I admire you and enjoy reading your posts of whatever variety. I am honored you share so much of yourself with us.

Ava said...

Glad to hear that all is going well.

Love ya!


Nancy said...

Wow. You really have an amazing story -- set of stories, actually. Thanks for sharing all of that biographical info.

Autumn said...

Very ineteresting. I learned a lot about you after reading the back post.

clairesgarden said...

you are and amazing woman, bless you!!