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Friday, May 05, 2006

Let's Hear It for the Red Hat Society

I thought the poem rang familiar somehow and sure enough 3 commenters so far have seen them out and about doing their thing.

Evidently, they're all over the place.

Jacqui, perhaps you and Merle would like to start the Australian chapter. I can see the two of you setting forth to conquer the world in your finery.

More of the same for me today - more drawers sorted, laundry done, and you've seen the photos on the earlier posts. I went a little insane with my camera last night and this morning.

Good news. I have a friend with a storage locker who is willing to share. I now have a place to stash the winter clothing. Do you realize what a load that takes off? I will not have plastic garbage bags in every available corner. Cheers to friends. I offered to share cost - not necessary but I'll bring it up again from time to time and if she gives up the space I'll take it over. It's something I'd given some thought to before this - just needed a little push.

I moved the elusive ham to the front of the freezer where it is clearly visible. (Still can't figure out how I lost something that big). Saturday or Sunday we'll have ham and scalloped potatoes with whatever else (probably broccoli) I can concoct.
I haven't made a peach cobbler in some time and they're a real no brainer. Just dump and bake and almost foolproof.

It's past midnight so this is short. All is well. Ray's doctor appointment, which he thought was today, is for the 8th and may be some kind of invasive thing. I'll let you know more when I know more. Meantime, he's doing well and so are the rest of us.

Talk to you later.


Janice said...

Hi Ann,

I'm glad you have some help getting things organized. I hope Ray's appointment goes well, and then you and he will finally find out what is wrong and then the doctors can fix him.


redretro said...

Check out