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Friday, May 05, 2006

Look - A Recipe

I've been keeping up with Laura of We Move to Canada. She's vacationing in Peru and I'm jealous.

She dined on papa rellenos yesterday and I thought to myself AHA - something new to do to the lowly potato. They sound yummy. The link is to just one (possibly Americanized) recipe but there are many out there; some probably more authentic than others. It sounds simple enough.


Siri said...

wonder what i can put instead of a veggie

madcapmum said...

Wondering if I can adapt this to rice and rice flour instead of potatoes and wheat flour... worth a try. Sounds good.

L-girl said...

hi granny! i just found this post through technorati.

since you are formerly of brooklyn, i can tell you that papas rellenoas have a knish-like quality to them. i imagine they could be stuffed with nearly anything. peruanos eat a lot of meat, so they put it in their potatoes, but any tasty combination would work.

lowly potato indeed! :)