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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Off to Bed

Just saying good night. I've been up for almost 24 hours to get my days and nights turned back around. I am now typing with my eyes closed and the next step will to fall face forward into the keyboard.

Good day for all today. I enjoyed my coffee "date" this morning. Girls are winding down at school with two trips to the park planned for the next to last day.

Elcie made it through one more day cheerfully.

Ray is still doing quite well although he'll always have problems. That's why they call whatever all this is chronic.

I have one cat in the hall, the other on the bed, both asleep.

And I'm becoming fuzzier by the moment.

More tomorrow. Take care.

Good Night.


ipodmomma said...

have a very good sleep!!!

tAnYeTTa said...

you deserve the rest! see you online tomorrow. i'm playing catch up right now. we went to the beach today and I slept from 4-8pm today! NO ONE WOKE ME UP! They claim that they came in to check on me and I was dead to the world! Yeah ok......Now the entire house is sleeping and I'm still up! LOL

kuri & ping said...

Yes, get some rest!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Sleep well. Hopefully next time we hear from you you'll be all turned around. :)

Jacqui said...

Hope you have caught up on your sleep.

It was good to be home and able to catch up with your posting. I love hearing about you all, the memorial events were so good, you didn't have to prompt, they have learned well from you,
hugs jacqui

JunieRose2005 said...

Hope you're back in stride now- with your sleep!

Have a good day.


Alice said...

Hi, I'm back.

Catching up on everything, slowly. Things are still tense regarding Mike's grandmother, as you can imagine. I've posted about it, and just found out that hopefully she’ll be out of hospital this Friday, so at least that’s something.

Yay for the girls wanting to recognise the lives lost in those terrible wars. I'm proud of them too.

Yay also that they'll be free soon for summer. Possibly not so much for you as you're exhausted anyway, but yay for them and hopefully a little yay for you.


According to the star trek quiz I'm Uhura. I agreed with the first part, but the part about me being "a talented singer" made me laugh. A lot.

Hope all is still well with you, and hugs to all.

*Hugs* xxx

DellaB said...

hiya - crikey, I don't know how you do it all! I've been juggling working on the turningsixty website with trying to finish a study assignment, and doing my 3 days-a-week job - but I don't know how I would get any of it done and still blog daily (I try) - if I had family at home to care for as well! There is only me and my partner and he is not much effort - what do you put your enrgy levels down to?

thanks too for the blogroll link - how exciting - my first! Sometimes I get a bit discouraged, wonder what I am doing, or more why - as I am sure quite a few do - then when I get a chance like tonight (1.30am my time) ... to relax and just read my favourite blogs (always start here first to see what you are up to, so I haven't got very far yet)... I really get a lot of enjoyment and encouragement...
thanks for being here..

pissed off patricia said...

I get in those crazy sleep patterns too due to my little dog's crazy sleep patterns. I have learned that just like with a little baby, you sleep when it does. When the doggie naps, the doggie mommy naps.

Hope you slept tight and didn't let the bed bugs bite. :)

mreddie said...

Falling facefirst into the keyboard is better than falling into a large bowl of soup - of course either of them has the tendency to wake a person up. :) Is this the last week of school out there - my grands are already out for the summer. ec

megz_mum said...

Just saying "hi", hope the body clock sorts itself out!

Anonymous said...

wow, hopefully you made it to bed, and did not wake up on your keyboard!!

JBlue said...

Ah, we finished school last week. It's so nice to have a more relaxed schedule. Hope you enjoy it, too.

Andrea said...

sleep tight my dear.
I had a heck of a time driving home from Vancouver today. I am sooo tired. I need to crawl into bed as well.

Merle said...

Hi Ann ~~ I hope you are feeling more rested now. Thanks for comment and glad you saw Peter's 3 children , Another son
Bruce stayed home as it was his wife's birthday the day after his Dad.
Take care, and enjoy the holidays ! or
at least survive them. Merle.

Angel said...

Awww, I understand that fuzzy feeling all too well!