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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Good Morning - I Flaked Last Night

I have a few minutes before I help Elcie get dressed and on the bus for her penultimate day at school until mid-August.

Yesterday was absolutely uneventful except for not being able to stay awake. It's back up to 95 ° here and will stay that way for a while so it was probably the heat. I was going to try for a short post but decided on bed instead. I just couldn't come up with anything except the weather.

Today is major shopping day for the month. Elcie has requested High School Musical (I think that's the name) and I've heard good things about it so I'll probably pick it up.

Rebecca & Rochelle each have a field trip today (all day at the park and small attached zoo). Their teachers are springing for lunch but I am sending some chips and a beach ball with each one.

Maybe I'll have something exciting by tonight. Or I'll dredge up another meme or some recipes.

I don't like letting a day go by without at least saying hi. It would be too easy to get out of the writing habit. So - hi.

We're all okay and hope you are as well.


peppylady said...

Sure hope Rebecca & Rochelle enjoys their day at the park and the zoo.

Alice said...

Hope they have a great day.

Sounds like they will, and I'm a wee bit jealous stuck here in my office, but I still hope it's a great day.


LoisLane said...

Some friends of mine have given rave reviews of High School Musical. My two don't seem interested in it though.

Sothis said...

I miss warm weather! It's only 52 degrees here on June 1--Belgian weather is horrible.

What is High School Musical? I'm not too hip to what the young poeple are into today.

Anvilcloud said...

For whatever reason, I have pretty well gone right to sleep for the past few nights. That's unusal for me. But the side effect is that I am starting to get up earlier. Not sure if I like that.

It's cooler here today btw. Thank heaven for small mercies, eh?

Angela said...

I watched High School Musical with a couple of the kids that I babysit occassionally, and I even let the 8 year old stay up a little late to watch the end (knowing full well that she'd probably already seen it about 9 million times). It was cute - the girls will enjoy it. I loved the Disney channel airing because it taught the kids the moves to the dance that the characters do at the end of the movie . This was impressive to me (and probably why I let the older one stay up, because she has forever copied cheerleader and dance team moves and here is a movie teaching her a new one, which may be small to some people but I hate letting kids watch TV - so making them get up and move was pretty cool!

clairesgarden said...

hi to you all , hope the kids had a good day and you too, blessings, Claire

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

We have the same icky hot wheather as you, at least we have our swamp cooler up and running sense the last heat wave.

I hope Rebecca & Rochelle have a great field trip, and Elcie enjoys her video.

My daughter had her last day of school today Yay! And she got to have a end of school party, and have a water baloon fight that was actually sactioned by the teachers.