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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Political Message

Save the Internet: Click here


Janice said...

All done!

EmmaSometimes said...

I agree with freedom of speech. But both sides of this bother me as they ignore the other.

Don't you think that since it's be deemed proper/required to show ID to purchase a wrapped p0rn mag behind the counter of a bookstore, that it's wrong for a teen to be able to view p0rn at the library? I hate to be blunt but who wants a turned on guy or gal staring at p0rn in a place where children, teens and adults can be socializing. ew.

P0rn may not be offensive to others as it is to me. I can respect that. I have worked in two major book stores and have been aware of the protests against this book or that item, but there has to be freedom of expression.

There also has to be protections and or warnings for children (and prudes like me) who don't want to see nasty pictures and things when looking for a friend on widely viewed MySpace. I believe in 'full access to' but requirements and disclaimers for internet sites. (actually, I believe that porn should be banned altogether, but that is wholy idealistic of me. :o) )

It should not be up to the provider of internet. Congress again, has the wrong road, but the right side of town.

EmmaSometimes said...

It should not be up to the provider of internet.

What I meant by this was, regulation shouldn't be up to the internet provider. There is only one internet.

Sorry Granny for the long post. :o)

EmmaSometimes said...
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EmmaSometimes said...

I was close but no cigar. hehe.

What you are speaking of is the network's giving us Internet exposure driven by almighty greed? I gather? AOL has been doing that for YEARS.

I went to the site you linked to. I assumed by your post it was in light of this move by Congress this week driven by censoring interests.

But I think assume made 'one' out of me..hehe.