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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Another Trauma Free Day

I just looked back through the comments. Everyone seemed to approve yesterday's non soap opera post so here's another one.

Rochelle and Rebecca are still joined at the hip and still getting along except for one minor squabble. "She choked me". "No I didn't". "Yes you did". "I didn't mean to, I'm sorry". "Okay - sniffle". And off they went.

Elcie missed school today. She was having a bad time with cramping. I've been hesitant to start her on any medication at her age but she does seem to be struggling. School will be out in early June and I think I'll consult with her pediatrician. It's been close to two years now which is long enough for her system to adjust. She may need some help. We'll see what happens.

Ray is still doing well - much better than any other time since the beginning of the year. So am I - it's contagious.

It's hot here and the girls are all itchy and uncomfortable. A cool bath helps for a little while but not long. I let them stay up a little longer tonight and Elcie fell asleep on the couch.

I have a cat asleep in a laundry basket again.

I sorted more summer clothes today and moved the winter clothes into storage. Makes quite a difference. Cooked a pot roast with potatoes and veggies for dinner. I probably won't do too much more of that kind of cooking for a while. We prefer lighter meals in the hot weather but the roast was on sale and I couldn't resist.

One interesting thing happened online. I'd left a comment on another blog this morning and happened to mention the village in which I spent my early years. A little while later I received an email asking me if I was talking about East Frankfort, NY near Utica. I emailed her back and said yes. We exchanged half a dozen emails and discovered that my uncle's chicken farm that I talk about so much was on the same road where some her relatives live.

This is a tiny village we're talking about (East Frankfort no longer exists) and one rural road in that village. What are the odds?

I love the net.

Mollie - You don't want to know. Our winning streak has ended and Barry did nothing. We spent nine innings tripping over our feet.

Talk to you later. Take care.


Janice said...

Hi Ann,

My daughter is itchy too, so I rubbed some of my best lotion on her tummy hips and lower back. I don't know if it's dry skin, hot weather, or the pubity weight on set thing that girls get a year or so after they get their period.

Speaking of periods--I don't know if I'm over stepping but some of us girls just have painful periods, I know I always had until I gave birth to my daughter. I would just give Elcie some tylonal and a heating pad. That's what I do for my daughter when she has cramps, and that's what my mom has always done for me. And it works.

Wow, sounds like you made a new friend. And from your old stomping grounds too, that's great!

I'm glad Ray is still hanging in there, and you too.

Take care.


Alice said...

The Net is a wonderful thing. Without it I would never have found you.

Neither would I have found websites dedicated to Garfield, Snoopy & Calvin&Hobbes, which can be classed as almost as important.

Not quite, though. You top 'em.


Glad everything seems to be going well. I'm blocked out of my email again, so won't be able to contact you bar through comments fora while. I have TWO remote access systems, and the second, the main one with my email and database system (typical, eh?) has blocked me out.

I'll be ringing up to try and get things sorted. Until then; hi & bye.

Hugs xxx

ipodmomma said...

it is a very small world... :)))

sorry about SF... those kinds of games are painful to watch....

yeah, it's a beautiful day. gotta find the joy in the thingn that are right there in front of one's face...

have a good night...

Merle said...

Hi Ann ~~ I am glad you had another
trauma-free day. I hope Ray continues
to do well. The world is not so big
when we meet up with people we know
or who lived near our family.
Keep well, Sorry Elcie has such bad
cramps. It is great the other two are
getting on so much better. Cheers, Merle.

Anonymous said...

Drama free days are excellent. Even better 2 days in a row!

When I was a teen I had horrible issues with cramps. I took non-narcotic prescription painkillers for awhile (anaprox, before Aleve was available OTC) and then when I was 18 switched to birth control pills. I know, not the best option for a teenager. But they work! I'm still taking them today, for the same reason.

megz_mum said...

Nothing to add really, just saying "hi".

Gina said...

The Yankees beat the RSox, so Hubba-hubba and I are happy. Not that they didn't have their butts handed to them on a stick the night before.

As for the itching, powder of some kind might help?

I knew many girls in high school who swore by the BCP's as being their only way to survive coming to school. My sister is the same way.

dragonfly183 said...

I have always had very painful periods also. I've read that using tampons instead of pads can make them worse. I've also read that you can take motherwort for cramps (not sure if I spelled it right.)

Dem Soldier said...

Hi Ann....Hope the day is going well.....:)

Angela said...

I was much like Elcie at that age - but since I've never been regular, I can't promise it'll get better - seems like most of the time it's worse, but that may be because of the irregularity.

In other news: XM radio is now on "Bonds Watch" meaning whatever is going on in any other game, they interrupt to go to Bonds' at-bats, slightly frustrating when you're really into the other game, but kinda cool nonetheless.

Nancy said...

It always sounds like you are so productive!

It definitely is a small world -- I found a blogger a couple of months ago that went to the high school in the next town where my dad was assistant principal. It's pretty neat to have the same of reference!

JBlue said...

Oh, Granny, take it from someone who has had severe cramps all her life and get that child some pain medication right away. I suggest Aleve.

Ava said...

Glad to hear the girls are still getting along so well. It makes life a lot less stressful!!

The roast sounds delicious!! That is one of my favorite meals.

That's really neat finding a new friend familiar with where you grew up.

Happy Mother's Day to you!


Lavender Dawn said...

Tylonal wasn't strong enough for me, and in junior high I started taking ibuprofen for the pain. One thing I used to do was tense my body up- causing the pain to get much much worse. If you can get her to relax it will be easier for her. it wasn't until hs that I realized I did that. So i let go- relaxed all my muscles and i felt so much better! Mine were terrible until I had babies, also. I heard that the pill works too. There are some pills that make it so you only get 4 periods a year. I know it seems wierd for a young girl to be on the pill, but if it helps with the pain... I would just ask her doctor.

Being active helps too. Mine were less painful in the summertime. Joining sports or exercising might lessen the pain.

Missy said...

Sorry to pipe in here so late, but I had to offer my help on the cramps issue.

For me, and this is still true, OTC medications do not work for my pain. Birth control pills help for a while but then the pain just comes back. I was on and off insurance for a long time and didn't really have enough money to see a true doctor for a long time until I got pregnant. Up until that point, I just took ibuprofen in high doses, to actually push the timing off my period off for a few days, until the weekend (somehow, taking the stuff won't get rid of the cramps, just moves them a few hours down the road), and just dealt with them then. Four hours of hell, every month.

Now that I've been pregnant and nursing for the past two and half years, I won't know until I start having regular periods again, whether having a baby helped at all. If my mom's side of the family has anything to do with it, though, I know it won't have helped. I'll probably just get by until I can have some surgery down there (no hysterectomy but there are other things that can help). I can't really offer much solace, I guess, except to talk to her pediatrician and see if there's anything you can do.

(Sorry for the long comment!)