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Thursday, May 04, 2006

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This is what I found when I went out just now to transfer laundry. The other cat (Spunky) waiting patiently to be let out the back door.

Updated - Comment from SpOOkalot who is always ready with a snappy comeback

Uh! Never fails!! Clean clothes in basket, cat on. Dirty clothes in basket, cat gone.

Hey, that rhymes!!

My drying rack is sagging as a result of life with 2 vain tweens and 1 not quite so vain teen. I sing the well known Carly Simon song to them. and say "I bet you think this song is about you".

That's half of the wash tonight. Some of it is part of the winter to summer transition. The clothes were put away clean but I decided to freshen them up a bit.

Good night once again. (see post right below). Update: The photo at the top was taken 30 minutes after the one at the bottom. Same two laundry baskets - now with clean laundry topped by sleeping cat. Grrr.


megz_mum said...

Love the photos of your washing at various stages - same as my house!! Never ending job. Sometimes I feel I am on top of it, almost want to ask everyone NOT to change clothes as it is nice to feel caught up!

Sothis said...

Spunky looks just like my cat, Maia! Only Spunky is a LOT thinner...

Babble said...

Laundry never ends.. never.. ever.. its constant.. ever lasting curse.

Lavender Dawn said...

That is a very very cute kitty tho.

Sp00kalot said...

Uh! Never fails!! Clean clothes in basket, cat on. Dirty clothes in basket, cat gone.

Hey, that rhythms.

Ava said...

That basket is just the perfect fit for a little cat nap!!!!


Janice said...

Hi Ann,

It's amazing how a cat can get comfortable, and make more work for us.

My dog a hairy cocker spainel would get in the clean laundry, so I had to remember to up the basket on top of the table if I hadn't put it all away yet so she wouldn't dirty it again.

You can't do that with a cat, where could you put it where they couldn't get too?