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Thursday, May 04, 2006

This Is What Didn't Get Cleaned Up Yesterday

I received so many comments on my burst of energy yesterday, I thought I might be sailing under false colors.

Here's the computer desk once again.

I'm not sure why I have a C battery, an orange crayon and a small yellow comb. A lid to a pen (without the pen) business cards for Ray's doctor appointments long since past, two fortunes from today's lunch with Ray at Mandarin Shogun (Rebecca ate the cookies), a button that reads "straight but not narrow" (when I turn it right side up) , and about $.61 in change.

Going to refill the Love Me, I'm Liberated coffee cup. I'll be back.

The top scrap of paper contains html code. I can now put a link in a sentence and don't usually have to consult the paper but I'm afraid to toss it. I could tattoo it on the inside of my arm I suppose.

I have one load in the dryer - another one in the washer. Have any of your kids decided to try on their entire wardrobe in one day? Not quite that bad but almost. I bought Rebecca some shorts like her sisters' today. A little big around the waist but they won't fall down and probably after one washing they'll be fine. Picked Ray up some shorts at the same time. He was well enough to go along (dragging his tank behind him of course) to run a few errands and then have lunch. First time in quite a while we've been able to do that. I took the camera along and then forgot to get a picture of him dining out. Darn - next time for sure.

I slowed down a little today but I'm still feeling better than I have in some time. Did some more cleaning (mostly straightening). Elcie requested spaghetti for dinner so I started sauce early this morning. I always make enough for a couple of days even if I have to cook more vermicelli tomorrow. With garlic bread and a little green salad, they were happy.

Elcie has begun learning "mental math" or what I would call "doing it in your head". We've been doing some of it for the last year or so and the school is finally catching up. It's the most practical application of basic arithmetic she's learned so far. I've been teaching the younger girls unit pricing when we shop and having them tell me whether or not a "bargain" is really a bargain but Elcie doesn't get out as much with me.

Cooking and the grocery store are, for me, two of the best ways to learn math. They can see how it works in real life and it's fun.

Ray has a test (gall bladder?) early tomorrow morning. I don't know how long the wait will be for results. He's doing much better. He's able to go for short periods without the oxygen so he can walk around the house without dragging 100 feet of plumbing behind him.

The other two photos I took just now. Ray was laughing at Fidget who went through his entire repertoire of cuteness. Yes, for Ray that's a laugh - almost a guffaw. He (the cat) yawned, he stretched, he bathed, and then he fiddled for a while. Now he's exhausted by all that intensive labor and has gone back to sleep.

That's what the bed looks like by the end of the day. I shovel it off (mostly girls' stuff) after they go to bed and they start over in the morning. This is our middle size bedroom. Ray and I all but live in it and it shows. Just not enough space; especially when I married a packrat and the medical equipment (and his Star Wars/Star Trek collection) makes it that much worse. My side stays a little more organized. It's easier to get to for one thing and I'm one of these "place for everything" people (for all the good it does here). I'll get over to Ray's side next week and make order and he'll be sad for days because he won't be able to find a thing. After almost 17 years, I'm used to it.

That, by the way, was not a whine. I'm grateful to have him home and feeling more like himself, clutter and all.

Lindsay asked about Heifer International. I'd posted about it a while back and for any of you who don't know, this link will explain it. Great project and a good way for kids to help combat world poverty and hunger.

Gary , that wasn't my fridge in the photo yesterday - hadn't gotten around to cleaning that yet. Did it today. The photo was my freezer (frost and all). I have the 15' freezer (second hand) and a side by side fridge (also second hand). We use every bit of it and they've both paid for themselves. Second hand, thrift store, yard sale, and bargain seem to be words I live by.

Back to laundry . I've stalled as long as possible. (Update - see short post right above this one).

Thanks to all for comments. I think I replied to most.

Talk to you tomorrow. (If I have anything left to write about after the last two days).


oshee said...

I am beginning to downright adore you Ann. Which can't be are a liberal after

I love your personal responses to our posts. I love the attention to give to what we say. I love you allowing to glimpse into your life. You make me care for your girls and Ray and you.
Thank you!

J said...

I feel your cleaning pain, sister! And I love me some Heifer...isn't there a center near Merced where kids can go and learn about the whole concept? I tried to get Maya's scout troop to go last year, but the drive was too much.

JBlue said...

I love that you have the Blogger comment box open on your desktop.

And my desk is somewhat messier than yours, I believe.

Lavender Dawn said...

"I can now put a link in a sentence and don't usually have to consult the paper but I'm afraid to toss it. I could tattoo it on the inside of my arm I suppose."

That is soo funny! I suppose that is for when you are commenting and there is nothing to make it for you, right? Cuz at first I thought, why doesn't she just use the blogger thingy? I get it now. I am jsut slow.

Ava said...

I never get all of my cleaning done all at once either.

Love the coffee cup!!

Laundry never ends, does it? It's not so bad now with just the two of us ... but there was a time ...

I had spaghetti for lunch today!!! No salad though.

I hope that Ray's tests yeild helpful information.

Star wars/Star Trek collection? Ray must be a man after my own heart!! My husband's too!! I lean more toward Star Trek, myself. What does he have?

Oh, you think your computer desk is messy? I'll have to post a picture of mine.


Merle said...

Hi Ann ~~ You have done well with your cleaning, your photos and your posts.
Nice to see the new photos of the girls, and also one of Ray. I hope he continues
to stay well. I don't know where you
find the time to do all that you do.
You are quite a lady!!
Take care, Merle.