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Monday, May 08, 2006

Very Short Post

Trying once again for an early bedtime. This has been one of those days when absolutely nothing has happened, including Ray's tests.

I took him over this morning for what turned out to be an MRI in one of the older machines. He's claustrophobic - his doctor must have forgotten they've been down this road before. Now we wait to be rescheduled on one of the less confining machines.

So much for that.

Kids asleep, Ray sleeping in chair. I'll wake him up soon before he gets a crick in his neck.

R & R still playing togther nicely and Elcie has been little miss sunshine most of the day. Still no homework except for Elcie. We went over long division one more time and I helped her with a crossword. One of the words was "deal" and she couldn't make it fit because she was looking for something like Let's Make a Deal and they wanted something like distribute cards. Oh. English can be peculiar to say the least.

All this is refreshing but it leaves me with not much to write about. Where is the angst? Not even a recipe today although I'm thinking about a meme for tomorrow - just have to decide which one.

Mollie - we tried to lose it in the top of the 9th but pulled it out 7-5. Barry didn't play, Alou is on dl, and Winn hit himself in knee with foul ball. Can anything else go wrong?

I wish I felt more inspired but maybe it's okay to have a day with no drama.

Thanks to all for the comments. Take care.


dongurigal said...

It's nice to have a day with no angst. Enjoy. And have a good sleep too.

DellaB said...

oh good heavens .. MRI .. I can totally empathise .. spent 45 minutes in one a few weeks ago .. the worst experience of my life (I am prone to a little exaggeration) and I am not claustrophobic!

sleep well ......

Lindsay Lobe said...

I hope Ray’s feeling better and he must be thoroughly fed up with all of the testing.

Welcome to of your new blogging friends and I notice a grandmother from Sunny Queensland, and another blogger from beautiful, Western Australia.

It reminds me of the times when when I used to go over to Western Australia on business, and how the locals could at times be somewhat frosty. A favourite saying was....uuuuuummm, “The Wise men from the East are here” again!

Flying from Sydney was a distance of 3,284 km and it took anything from 5 hours!! or more, depenadt upon winds. The scenery was interesting when clear and I remember the view of the great Australian bite with steep white cliffs to the ocean from 35,000 feet above.

Best wishes

Anonymous said...

A day with no drama is a GOOD thing. Really.

Gawdessness said...

I am posting in support of now angst in a day!
Loved this post thought there was plenty to post about and I would have thought the mixup with mri etc. to have had enough all by itself!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

ejnoy the qiuet time granny:)

hope they get to the bottom of Ray's stuff soon. Trust me, I know what it is like to wait and sucks..

ipodmomma said...

Peter had the same trouble with his first MRI. they had to do another, in a slighter larger machine.

hope it will go well!

pissed off patricia said...

Sometimes we forget to enjoy the quiet until the noise begins.

Expat Traveler said...

days with less drama allow one to relax and possibly do things we like doiing. :)

achromic said...

I would be frustrated by the whole MRI thing. It seems like they would make a note about that. But you let it roll off you like water on oil...... That is so cool,

Turtle Guy said...

Tell Ray I know all about sleeping in the furniture! I had a nap on my desk - right in front of the computer - today... something about those quick catnaps...

Nancy said...

I seem to catch you several hours after you post -- sorry to be so behind!

Had to laugh at your comment "where's the angst?" I know on the one hand days like that are nice, but the pessimist in me always waits for the other shoe to drop. ;-)

Lavender Dawn said...

oooo a drama free day! that sounds sooo wonderful! Cherish it! ;D

Babble said...

I hope you get that early to bed rest you need.

Kids homework makes me want to pull my hair out. I never had so as much homework as a kid as my kids do now.

Ava said...

Is there such a thing as an early bedtime?

It must be very disappointing to have to wait for additional test times.

Yes, my dear ... it's okay to have a day with no drama! Absolutely!!


Meow said...

Enjoy the quiet time, and I hope you get some sleep. Best wishes to Ray. Take care, Meow

Jacqui said...

Hi Ann,
Mr blogger would't let me comment last night, think he was still recovering from my very early post about Ezra, Peter and I are having a discission about who posted first and so has the bragging rights, his was at 8.47 am, (EST) and mine because I live on the other side of the continent was 8.46am (WST), so I think I win by 1 second.
Hope you get some satisfaction for Ray soon, Jacqui

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

I'm glad it was a quiet day for you and your family. Too bad about the MRI, I hope the new appointment works out.

My daughter didn't have homework, and it was an early out 1:30 day. After doing a chore and helping in my garden My daughter went to our YGF house for a swim in her pool.

The school days are slowly running down into summer.


Kendra Lynn said...

I would LOVE a day with no girls are drivin' me crazy! They've been little monsters for days now. CUTE monsters, but monsters none the less.
Sometimes I wonder what I"m doin' wrong.

Ah well.


Angel said...

Oh I feel Ray's pain. I was never claustrophobic until I had my first MRI, and it doesn't get any better with each one that's followed.

I toughed it out the last time, nope, won't do that again!