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Monday, May 08, 2006

Very Short Post

Trying once again for an early bedtime. This has been one of those days when absolutely nothing has happened, including Ray's tests.

I took him over this morning for what turned out to be in MRI in one of the older machines. He's claustrophobic - his doctor must have forgotten they've been down this road before. Now we wait to be rescheduled on one of the less confining machines.

So much for that.

Kids asleep, Ray sleeping in chair. I'll wake him up soon before he gets a crick in his neck.

Mollie - we tried to lose it in the top of the 9th but pulled it out 7-5. Barry didn't play, Alou is on dl, and Winn hit himself in knee with foul ball. Can anything else go wrong?

I wish I felt more inspired but maybe it's okay to have a day with no drama.

Thanks to all for the comments. Take care.

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