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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Weekend Almost Over Here.

Girls are asleep and I'm doing (you guessed it) laundry.

Rebecca and I were the only ones who made it to church this morning. Rochelle was planning to go with her mom to a special service for kids (which they ended up missing - got the time wrong). Ray was getting ready and was short of breath so he stayed home. He's okay now. I think he just hurried a little too much. Our Hmong congregation was having their egg roll sale between the services so Rebecca and I indulged. The proceeds go to the youth activities, I'm pretty sure. Their small group is active and thriving.

Never did make it to the lake today. The water will still be too cold. It's supposed to hit the 90's here next week and we'll try it again then. It's hard to be that close to the water and not let them in.

In spite of my long standing ban of toy weapons, I picked up squirt guns and a whiffle ball and bat today. I decided last year as long as the squirt gun looked like something from Star Wars it was barely acceptable and they do have a lot of fun with them. Nobody could possibly mistake it for anything other than what it is.

The upside of my boycott of the neighbors is that R & R are getting along with each other much better. They play together, have begun calling each other Becca and Shelly (fine with me), and managed to get through the weekend without a fight. Elcie feels a little left out and I'll try to figure out ways to include her more. Some of it is Elcie being her teenaged self. If I ask and she says no, I'm hesitant to ask again too soon. I don't want to pressure her. Of course then she says "but nobody invited me". I explained all she ever has to say is "me too" and that we sometimes don't take her because she so often doesn't want to go. Can't have it both ways, kid.

The joys of puberty.

Now that their first unchaperoned trip to the park (all 3 of them) has succeeded, I'll let them go again on the weekends and they can play in our back yard after school. It's small but they'll be okay. Once the dust has settled, I'll let them go out front on our side of the street more often. I really hate all this. It's stupid and unnecessary.

Still almost one more week of tests for Rochelle and Rebecca. The school year is winding down and I still haven't heard about summer school. It may be their grades (Elcie and Rochelle) have been so good they won't need it. I'm not sure Rebecca would benefit. She might learn more just from hanging out with me.

Just returned from filling two more baskets of clean laundry. I'll probably find cats on my next trip. (The clothes are still warm - how can they resist.)

I've seen Claire's Garden before but, since I can't remember if I mentioned her and I don't want to dig back through the archives, better twice than not at all. She's from Scotland and has beautiful photos of her gardens. Makes sense, doesn't it? The "search" function on Blogger sometimes works and sometimes not.

And of course Junie Rose has a blog. As a matter of fact, she has three. Somehow, her Blogger profile doesn't list them. I knew I remembered the name but it was late and I was fuzzy. Sorry Junie. I should never take Blogger's word for anything. The link takes you to her home page which lists all three blogs - one with poetry. She's a grandma too.

We have a very new blogger as well. Della B is a grandmother from Queensland, Australia who shares a blog called Turning Sixty with two other bloggers. (Della, correct me if I got any of this wrong and welcome.)

Just went back through the comments and discovered I'd missed Nancy . She and I were raised in the same part of central New York. She's a mother of two living in the Washington, DC area.

I'm officially the last one awake here. It's a little past midnight Pacific Daylight Time and I still have clothes in the dryer. I'll get them out to make a softer spot for a cat and then probably call it a night. I can put things away in the morning after I take Ray for his tests. Sounds like they will take a while. I'll let you know when I know something more.

Already emailed Mollie with the sporting news. We're sinking.

Good night all.


Merle said...

Hello Ann ~~ You have been busy and are
doing a good job letting the girls have a little more freedom. It is a worry, but we have to let them go out and even
make their own mistakes. I am so glad that they are getting along better as that is much nicer for all. I hope it is warm enough for them to go for a swim.
Take care, Merle.

DellaB said...

Thanks for the welcome Granny .. you are a legend .. got it absolutely right! At the moment there are 3 of us .. but we are looking for others of like-mind to join us.

Talk about mysterious ways - would you believe I was watching a game show called ‘Family Feud’ tonight, that has a live audience. And in tonight’s audience there was a group of women dressed in, imagine this .. all purple and red, with RED HATS!

They were the Ballarat Red Hats club .. and to think that the first time I had ever heard of this ‘movement’ was last night when I found and read through your site ..

Granny said...

Della - The red hats have now come full circle. I received the poem from Jacqui in Australia, I posted it here in the USA, now it has once again found its way back to Australia via you.

I love blogging.

Anonymous said...

In the 90's? Wow. It's been 70ish here, and that's perfect. I don't know how I'd feel about it being so hot so early!

Glad to hear the girls are getting along nicely. Gives me hope! ;)

Nancy said...

Hey, thank you for the nice welcome and the link. I've had your posts marked in Bloglines to come back to, but I didn't really blog much this weekend.

Ah, laundry in the evening -- does it ever end? I'm sure it's worse for you with the three girls, I only have 2 to worry about. ;-)

Lavender Dawn said...

I understand not feeling included. I was a kid who wanted everyone to come to me. It took a long time to realize I wasn't that special, lol, and that people with friends were those who went and got friends. It is hard. Good luck! there is a book I read when I was younger that dealt with this very issue. I never got it until I reread it later. It is called "and both were young"by madeleine l'engle. It was written in 1949 but the message and the situations are timeless. Plus it makes it appropriate, you know? Its about not fitting in and learning how to deal with teen stuff.


Jo said...

I saw dryer balls at Wally World and instantly thought of you! I guess you and laundry are now cross filed in my funny little brain. Sorry, I am sure you would have chosen something else... It is always wonderful when the kids get along. Makes me feel like I am doing a good job as a parent. So way to go!

Gina said...

Can you believe Mr. Personality already has a toy "gun?" It is part of a Buzz Lightyear his aunt gave him, and although it is supposed to be a lazer blaster or something, it is gun-like to me.


Although I have read that boys will make guns and swords and such out of whatever material they can get their hands on. Kind of like a DNA thing. Don't know if it's true or not.

ipodmomma said...

cool about the nicknames for R&R... that is really sweet..

Elcie has her choices... and like you said, she can't have it both ways... :)))

I wonder when 714 will come... maybe the Times will even report on it!

will let you know...

Bridgermama said...

I have got to say the teenage era scares the heck out of me! I may be coming to you for some advice! It sounds like sometimes life can be hectic, but you really seem to handle on it! Thanks for the links to new blogs (love to check out the new talent out there ;)!). Have a great week!

Turtle Guy said...

The joys of puberty?! Sounds like a catchy blog post title!

JunieRose said...

Thanks Ann, for mentioning me here!

It seems you have a full life with those 3 girls!

Actually, I think I feel a little jealous...because I don't have kids around anymore! My youngest grandchild is 15 now!

I enjoy your visits to my site- thanks!


Merle said...

Hi Again Ann ~~ Most of the kangaroos and wallabys are not too huge. I think
a lot are killed by trucks, but I don't
know if a car would suffer damage. It
probably would, but not too much.
There are thousands and thousands of them in Australia and they are a pest
to farmers. Keep well, Cheers, Merle.

tAnYeTTa said...

AHHHH YES!!!! the teenage years. Get ready Get Set....Goooooo....Tag you're it Granny!

I know you've been there so many times before but, isn't it 'fun' to experience the teenage years all over again and more to come!!!

My bloglines says I've missed 18 posts on your blog. I'm sorry for being away so long! I'm catching up.

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

Sounds like you have the girls problems sorted out for now.

I keep you and Ray in my thoughts and prayers. And hope that the results from the tests are good ones!