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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Cats and Kids - New Meme Follows this Post

I have no idea in which order these pics will turn up on the finished product but at least they're on here.

Rochelle & Rebecca, looking much too cool, are on their way to a meeting with me carrying part of our share of refreshments. Rochelle managed to combine a vertically striped shirt with a diagonally striped skirt and get away with it. Broke every fashion rule in the book as always. Rebecca is the much more extroverted child but more conventional in her attire. Made up for it with the hairdo though. Rebecca did her hair and Rochelle copied her.

One of our members is moving and this was more of a party than anything serious. Ray, in background, is standing by the van in his sexy shorts. Obviously, he's feeling better. He no longer is tied to the oxygen 24/7 which makes it easier for all of us, especially him. He's doing much more but I still watch to make sure he doesn't overestimate his strength. I honestly think we may be past the worst. Thanks to all of you who were around during that "worst" for your support and caring. I know I said it before but once again won't hurt.

We're having a farewell potluck for our pastors at the church tomorrow after the later service and I made a large tuna/ham and macaroni salad. I usually put the tuna cans down for the cats. You can see the result. Little Dipstick chased his can around the kitchen for a good ten minutes trying to drain the last of it while Fidget looked on as if to say "what can you do with kids these days". Spunky missed out this time - she was outside somewhere. Yes, I know the floor needs mopping - tomorrow.

Been a busy couple of days but today I got to just hang out except for giving Tim a ride home (in exchange for a cold, creamy drink from the Barnes & Noble cafe) and picking up a couple of last minute things at the store. Took Elcie and Rochelle along and they shared a strawberries and cream something without coffee. I can never remember which drink is which.

Still haven't figured out how to type around the pictures or to skip underneath them so I just keep typing.

The girls were invited to a birthday party and barbecue at the park this afternoon. They came home soaking wet. Turns out the primary entertainment was water balloons. I don't usually let them do it here, not because of the water but because I hate those little shredded balloons all over the place.

We have some new visitors in the last few days. Marsha is a military wife with five kids (kindergarten to college age) who has recently moved to Phoenix.

Montchan was born in America, grew up in South Africa, and now lives in Sweden with her husband and two cats. She has a couple of hilarious Purina ads (Swedish version) on her blog. Check them out when you have a chance. Some things definitely lose in translation.

Double Knot lives in the southern USA, crochets everything from small items to afghans, gardens, and has two cats (one of which looks almost like my Fidget and Dipstick).

Overwhelmed With Joy, who I mentioned the other day, is looking for contributors to her Five Ingredient Friday recipe exchange. I was going to try for Friday but Blogger was down (so what else is new) and the day got away from me. I had a borrowed rice and raisin dish I was going to post (with credit to the creator of course) and now I can't find the link. If anyone reading this recognizes rice for breakfast, let me know and put it down to a senior moment.

If you have a recipe with five ingredients or less (I'm not sure but probably basic seasonings don't count as ingredients) you're proud of, check her blog for further information.

I think Elcie's going to start back with the choir again tomorrow. She's become much better natured lately (I think she was exhausted from her school year and the female problems she's had) and is going out more both with me and her sisters. She's begun asking to go along. She made her first trip alone to the corner store the other day in the wheelchair and did just fine. My daughter followed from a distance on a trial run first. Far away enough not to interfere but close enough for rescue if Elcie ran into problems. She didn't. (Cerebral palsy for those of you who don't know).

Eventually she'll be navigating by herself almost everywhere and I think 13 is old enough for her to begin practicing. She was so proud that she no longer needed a younger sister (or two) to help her. She thinks she could do it on crutches and perhaps she could but her doctor worries about long term damage to her hip. Her gait is somewhat stiff and lopsided (how's that for medical terminology) and she puts much more weight on one side than the other. The crutches are fine for short distances and she doesn't use them at all in the house or even outside in the yard.

Mollie - you don't want to know about the Giants. Tomorrow is another day.

This turned out much longer than I anticipated considering I didn't have much to say. Oh well.

Take care everyone and enjoy what's left of your weekend. All of you from Oz, hope your weekend went well and you're not freezing just yet.


Merle said...

Hi Ann ~~ Great pics of the girls, Ray and the cats. Hasn't Rochelle grown tall? Thanks for your comments and info
about flank steak. They say it is called by many names, but don't say what
they are. I plan to make a casserole in
my Crockpot (Slow Cooker). I made a pot roast the other day. After I shop on Tuesday will make Pea and Ham soup.Yum.
Thanks again Ann, Take care, Merle.

doubleknot said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I have one cat the one in the hangers is a picture my daughter sent me from the web - guess I should have said that.
Enjoyed reading your post. My don't the kids grow up fast. The styles now adays are way past me but hey every generation has it's own uniform.
Your cat pics are cute. I always have trouble trying to figure out which picture is going to come up seems like an adventure everytime I post but I look at the preview and it gives me a pretty good idea of what is where.

Expat Traveler said...

i love the first pic, close up. It's so cute! And the kitten, how cute but funny...

Tammy said...

Cute girls and kitty's!!

Sue said...

Loved the image of your cats chasing the tuna cans. Mine has done that many a time. Didn't know about your hubby's health issues as I'm relatively new here, but glad he's doing better.
Darling pics of your great granddaughters....

Autumn said...

I don't know which pictures you want up first but it looks fine. Nice looking girls and cute kittys. It sounds like it is busy around your house. How do you find the engery to keep up with it all?
Also I will drop in and say hi to some of the blogs you mentioned.

California Dreamin' Mama said...

Hey Ann!!. Thank you so much for checking in on us at our blog. S is doing great now and I pray that things will be calmer for a little while now. One can only hope. I do have to say that I have always loved reading your posts. I have been reading your blog because of ipodmomma. She is awesome! I hope you are having a great day and that all is well. Lets keep in touch!!


wolfbaby said...

elcie soudns like a brave little girl.... its good she has a family like yours for support!!!

Andie D. said...

Glad to hear that Ray is doing better! He reminds me of my dad-in-law. Stoic on the outside, soft on the inside. ;)

Happy for Elcie too. 13 is hard enough on any girl. I'm proud of her that she's getting out more, getting more involved, becoming more independent.

Good stuff!

Anonymous said...

I always put the tuna cans on the floor for my cats, too... :)

Your girls look just like I did at that age, down to the hair-do. I swear I have a photo of myself at age 11 or so wearing 2 or 3 different direction stripes and an oh-so-cool side ponytail. They are too cute. Loving the hair straightener, I see.

Sothis said...

Great picture of Rochelle and Rebecca! They look very bling-bling in those sunglasses!

That kitten is adorable. I'd get another one, but my 13 year cat would never forgive me (but she is getting along very well with the adult cat we adopted).

I'm glad for Elcie. 13 is hard enough without any other obstacles in your way. A feeling of independence is important.

tina said...

Hi, G, that was me talking about rice for breakfast! It's on my blog, a few entries back.

ipodmomma said...

what's that phrase? don't ask, don't tell...

I'm Andre the giant... Hmmm....

yeah for Elcie! Rochelle looks great. funny that Rebecca prefers a quieter look... :))) and another yeah for Ray!

the picture with Dipstick eating is wonderful! "Hey, who said anything about sharing the food?"

Mary P. said...

Glad to hear Ray is able to get out and about a bit.

Also good to hear the news about Elcie. Great that she is spreading her wings in a more positive direction. Being able to have a little independence is so important to them. I wonder if her lack of it - having to be escorted by baby sisters! - was contributing to her former crankiness?

oshee said...

Rochelle and Rebecca are so cute with their matching hair and matching smiles. They really do look a lot a like, don't they.

Everyone looks and sounds like they are happy. Kudos to you.

JBlue said...

Lovely pix. I wonder if that extra independence won't have a positive effect on Elcie's mood, too. Kudos to her.

Lindsay Lobe said...

Life seems to be travelling ok at the moment. Rochelle & Rebecca certainly do look like cool cats and I was pleased to see Ray in the background and to learn he is on the mend. Great news Elcie's going to start back with the choir, as singing is a good therapy for the lungs and spirit.