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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Dratted Blogger

I wanted to do something short earlier but Blogger wasn't having any.

Now it's late and I can't remember what I wanted to say.

The new green on purple is here to stay. One visitor (hi Elizabeth) sees the dark purple as black but says it's easy enough to read. Everyone else so far sees it as I do and likes it.

Success. I'll probably change the Title color to contrast with the post but not tonight.

Tomorrow will probably be another day like Tuesday. Today my shoulder was giving me fits, probably from all that around town driving plus the heat plus getting used to this keyboard. Typing speed almost up to normal but the space bar is a little stiff and I still lose track of the home keys from time to time and don't realize it until I've done a whole sentence hujw thud.

I'm beginning to like it and I'm sure in a few more days I'll wonder how I got along without it. That's how I felt about correct-type and whiteout. And the cell phone.

I'm really tired and this was more to thank all of you for the input that to try to describe a day in which I did as little as possible.

Mollie - Giants fell over their feet today.

Talk to you tomorrow.


Jacqui said...

Hi Ann,

Thanks for you visits, the pea soup is very good, we have a friend here tonight to share it. I dont think I'll be able to post tonight, or I'll be in bother again. Hope you don't mind me unloading to you.

Autum came over for a visit, I was interested in her description of wordpress, I need to discuss it with my mentors.

Great visiting with you again,

hugs jacqui

Merle said...

Hi Ann~~ I hope you are not so tired ~
you have been busy, as always, and getting used to the new keyboard.
Thanks for comments. Ann, can you tell me what is "flank" steak? I have a recipe for my slow cooker. We have all
sorts of steak- I'll ask a friend who is
a butcher. He may know. Take care, Merle.

megz_mum said...

Hi there! On my lap top (using Internet explorer) I see black background, green writing. On my other computer (Firefox) it isn't. Strange.

Susan said...

But the REAL question is, how much do you LOVE that cordless mouse?

I don't know how we lived for so long without one . . .

Tammy said...

I was cussin' blogger all day long...Rackin' Frackin' Blogger!!!
I missed everybody so bad!! Catching up today though...
Have a great day!!!

Her Bad Mother said...

Blogger has been making me insane for nearly two weeks now. I join you in the cursing.

Liking the green on purple!

Alice said...

I like the new colour. I liked the old one (the shock purple was cool), but this colour is great too, and just as easy to read.

It sucks getting used to a new keyboard, doesn't it? My brain becomes accustomed to typing (very fast with one finger, not real 'typing'. One day I'll learn how) on one, and then if I have to use another that looks identical, I go blank and mess up.


Hope the shoulder soon feels better.

Have you tried "Deep Heat Cream"?

Toodles. :-)

Anvilcloud said...

Your blog looks much clearer now.

Sothis said...

Like the new colors--reminds me of those computer terminals from the 80s. Very easy on the eyes.

Sue said...

This looks so clear and readable. I use Firefox and it's dark purple with green letters! So easy on the eyes.
Blogger was being a beast yesterday. What is it they say?
(you get what you pay for)


Beth said...

Blogger was uncooperative for me too.

Atasha said...

This site had me saying some pretty nasty and inappropriate words yesterday and this morning when I could not add my photo nor post comments, nothing. I like the color by the way. I also love the font size. Maybe one day I'll dare read it without glasses. That ergo keyboard will grow on you and you will wonder how in the world you ever lived without it.

dongurigal said...

I love green and purple. Indeed, I think I'd like to decorate my new apartment in these colours. (You think Hubs would go for it?)

tAnYeTTa said...

I love any color or font you choose Granny. Well, not pink. LOL

I'm a girl and I don't care for pink. (sigh)

You know I always LOVE your blog. Ok, I confess, I had to google the word triage. Hee Hee

thordora said...

FREAKING blogger lately I swear...