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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Today I

Met my friend for our weekly coffee and conversation. Took Rochelle along.

Went to Best Buy for a new mouse. Left with lithium batteries, compressed air, a cordless optical mouse, and an ergonomic keyboard (on sale). The keyboard is split down the middle and my typing speed dropped to 25 wpm. It's picking back up a little at a time.

Bought hair straightener for girls and miscellaneous other stuff. Not my idea, the girls want their hair long and straight. I want it short and naturally curly. I lose. Again. They look good and I hope their hair doesn't fall out. Elcie's will never be straight and she insists on growing it out so we tried it one last time.

Dropped our absentee ballots off just in time. California primary today. Update - 3 of my measures lost - one of them preschool, one to help libraries, and one local to improve the assortment of potholes we call roads here. Couldn't get 2/3 on a very small turnout. 63% yes.

Pick up their Uncle Tim, pick up ice, stop for hamburgers to go, and come home.

Tim installs keyboard and mouse and then straightens three heads of hair.

Meantime, I start saying ugly things about my keyboard in between household stuff.

Take Tim to pick up his bike and "a few other things" from his old apartment (He's staying with Jim, at least for a while).

Leave with my extended minivan packed stem to stern with the bike, Tim, and the "few other things". Drive him home and watch (while working a crossword puzzle) while they unload.

Come home, dig out the emergency frozen pizzas. Ray heats them up.

Watch the Giants win, continue fighting the keyboard. Speed up to maybe 40 wpm by now and I'm not constantly watching my fingers.

I go back to the days of manual typewriters, from there to electrics, and then to "keyboarding". I'm a typist - I will never graduate to keyboarder but I think I can learn to love this thing if I don't fling it through a window first. It has a zoom key right in the middle between the two halves. Even with my bifocals, that will come in handy. It's not cordless but that doesn't bother me. I don't need to take it anywhere - this is not a laptop and it never moves from its cozy little home.

Decide to do something about the colors of the blog. Write a post and begin consulting with online experts via comment box.

Angela pitches in long distance and between the two of us my blog color is now changed. She sent directions and I somehow pushed the right buttons. Updated the SOS post to reflect the new color. I have inched along a little more toward nerdiness.

Took a "nerd" test on Lady Jan's blog. She scored 56% in nerdiness, I was a lowly 12%. Much work yet to be done. Jan, you are one of the least nerdy people I know. How did you manage it?

Read a few blogs, left a few comments, started laundry, answered some email and then decided to post something before bed. I'm almost too tired to sleep.

Someplace in the middle of all that I had a little time with the girls and Ray (still doing fairly well, thanks).

Will anyone who is still seeing aqua please let me know? I'm not sure how much more fixing I can do but I'm curious to know if it helped.

I'm thinking about changing the color of the titles. Not tonight but maybe they can become bright yellow.

Remember Sleeping Beauty and the dress that changed from pink to blue, pink to blue, pink to blue over and over? My blog.

And now, I'm going to put on some quiet music (Rhapsody playlist - probably baroque again), unwind for a few minutes and try for sleep.

Take care everyone.



Jacqui said...

Hi Ann,
I really like the new colour scheme.
I wish I was confident about changing things, but they seem to do that without my help anyway, like losing my long post, when I went out for 30 minutes.

It was a lovely little surprise to see myself described as your "friend" on Junies blog. That's why I can't understand why people want to put down something that gives such a lot of us pleasure. As I mentioned Walter really hates me doing it, I think he is a bit jealous of the time, not that I spend very much. Anyway I shall keep blogging unless things become too bad.

I was worn out just reading about you day, you never fail to amaze me.

hugs jacqui

Anonymous said...


I haven't been online for about a week and just got all caught up with you! Glad everyone is well!

ipodmomma said...

whoa!!! this looks COOL!!!!

I like, I like... :)))

I beat you, 19% nerd. Ted whooped our butts, 81%...

hope you're getting some sleep... :)))

The Cluck Wagon said...

I get tired just reading about all the stuff you do every day! ;)
And glad I'm not the only one that keeps emergency frozen pizzas on hand. lol

TJ said...

I like the new purple color...more restful to the eyes.
Have a great day!

Madcap said...

The very dark background with the green lettering is much easier to read.

I can empathize with your girls wanting long straight hair. That was always my fantasy too, but I didn't have a choice. My hair falls out at about 6-8 inches, and is unbelievably curly. (And somehow my kids both got straight - go figger.)

Susie said...

This is so much easier to read! I love the dark purple and green combo!
Your day sounds so similar to mine. I feel like I run from sunrise to sunset looking after grandkids. I also look after my 98 yr old Grandpa!

Yondalla said...

I love my ergonomic keyboard...but then I get wrist pain. I predict you will get used to it and not be able to go back (comfortably)!

Unknown said...

Granny, I am seeing black & green, not purple. Hmmmm. It's easier to read, though.

If I led your life, I'd be at least 50 pounds thinner, I think.

Wow, Sue, you are busy too, and go, Grandpa. 98 is a good, long life.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Yondalla said...

I got a 53

-A said...

Elizabeth? Is it maybe the angle that you're looking at the computer screen? Because if I tilt the screen just right I can see the black that you see. But, I know that it's supposed to be purple so I was able to move the screen so that I can see what it's supposed to be!

Granny - my nerd score is up. I'm nerdier than Lady Jan. And, I'm with you on changing the title colour. I was going to suggest it last night - it's fun to offset titles and posts - but I didn't want to overwhelm you. Baby steps!

Missy said...

Hey Ann,

I love the color scheme. It's a lot easier on the eyes than the old one.


Carole Burant said...

Hi Ann...Blogger is finally letting me put in a's got hiccups again this morning grrrrr. Anyway, wanted to let you know the new colour scheme is MUCH better and I love it...good job!!! You lead such a busy life, makes mine seem so lazy lol I only have myself to take care of during the day and I quite often bore myself lol Hope your day is going great!!

Anonymous said...

I'm seeing a purple background and lime green writting. It looks fine to me. I think you did good this time with the choices.

Granny said...

The comment I deleted was a duplication. Nobody did anything snarky.

Bacchus said...

loving the colour scheme!! and that's from a gay man, we know about these things. lol

Sothis said...

I see very dark eggplant with lime green letters, too. Much easier to read. Almost looks like those computers terminals from the 80s.

Have a good night.

Janice Seagraves said...

Hi Ann,

My daughter has two hair straighteners, but hardly ever usues them anymore. She says they make her hair frizzier than normal, I think it's when the curl starts to come back.

You were a very busy lady, and you remembered to vote! We missed the dead line and didn't vote, oops! We'll make a point of doing it the next time though.

We had one of those split key boards when they first came out, and cost over $100. and I didn't like it either. If your use to the regular straight one, it can be confusing, but I think with time you'll get use to it--if you don't fling it through the window or against the wall.

I not sure how I scored so high on the Nerd test, I didn't even look anything up--not even the periodic tables question. I just remembered working with my daughter when she had to study it for science class. I do have an odd memory, and can retain some odd bits of infromation.

Later Janice~

granny p said...

Colour is fancy. Much easier to read too. And oh the curly hair thing. All my grandchildren have and bemoan it. I give them books featuring curly-haired princesses; this helped when they were little. What also helps is fact that here dead straight hair is becoming less fashionable....Wish girls all wanted to conform to some norm would go out of fashion too. Like never probably.