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Friday, June 16, 2006

Friday Cat Blogging - Oops - that's Rochelle

Not the top, that's Rochelle. The next one is the cat. I did something goofy with them again.

She's so close to my feet right now that if I uncross my ankles, I'll probably kick her. That's Spunky, the old lady of my kitties. I think she's around eight but we've had so many cats wander in and out that I'm not sure when she showed up. I know the girls were all little and so was the cat.

She hasn't wiggled since I took that about an hour ago. She's not what you'd call a cuddly cat but she likes to be close to us (at her convenience of course).

I found a new (to Rochelle) dress at Goodwill today. Palest green two piece. Still adult looking but much more age appropriate. Wolf Baby, the "V" isn't down the back. It's at the hem and would look like a tail but it's on the side. If she'd been standing, it would have shown up better.

Thanks for the comments about her and once again I assure everyone it was just for fun; there is no way she'd leave the house in something like that. Amazing how much older she looks. She puts on jeans and a knockaround top and she's right back to our little girl again. Transition is scary and they grow up so fast.

I cut the top of her head off but I put the picture up anyhow. Managed to chop off her feet as well but at least you can see the dress. Equal time for Elcie and Rebecca tomorrow if I can get them to stay in one place long enough.

This was whip cracking day around here. All three instructed to CLEAN UP THAT MESS, including Elcie who protested that "her leg hurt". It didn't bother her until I said housecleaning. After I told her she'd lose privileges if she didn't shape up quickly, she cleaned. Mean granny.

Thus the new clothing - jeans for Rebecca, a pair of those satin looking elastic waist pants for Elcie, and two more pair of shorts and a top for Granny. I was dropping off donations to Goodwill and that's always dangerous. Leave 4 bags with them and bring 5 back to the car. Not this time, I was really good. (Oh, and a brand new bike helmet (a spare just in case).

Picked up canteloupe and apples (Granny Smith, Alice - they were on sale). The girls chomped through almost a 3 lb sack (with a little help from Katie who is sleeping over tonight). Rebecca carefully removed the green peel from hers so it looked more like an apple. She and I think apples should be red or something like it.

The clothing wasn't a bribe; they didn't know about it until I came back home from meeting the two boys, Melissa, and baby Jonathan (in his S. F. Giants uniform). They're starting that child off right.

I was having problems still with the new phone so we met for breakfast and advice. All my incoming calls were going direct to voice mail and the ringer wasn't working. Turns out with a flip phone you don't have to push any buttons to answer. I was pushing the green button as I did with my old phone and sending everything to voice mail.

Also, when the phone is open, it doesn't ring, just flashes.

I have a lot to learn, Luddite that I am. While Jim was messing with my phone, he took a picture of Jonathan for my phone display. Cute and looking more human every day. I think we'll keep him. Nagged Jim about his blog - all two posts.

So, after all the activity, I didn't vacuum in here but the rest of the house isn't bad and I cleared off that kitchen sink - again. Ray wasn't feeling that great and the vacuum is noisy when one is trying to rest. The floor will still be there in the morning and so will the clean dishes in the drainer. The laundry was put away this morning but there is now more. It's unending. Tomorrow is time enough. Like the dishes, at least the laundry is clean and not piled on top of my bed. Not even a cat there tonight. Fidget and Dipstick are with the girls and Spunky still hasn't stirred. She's breathing - I checked.

And now I think I'll go to bed. I keep thinking I'm forgetting something but how important can it be if I don't remember.

Mollie. Giants 8 - D'backs 2. Barry sat it out.

Good night and good morning everyone.


ipodmomma said...

well done SF... I like it that that little grandson of yours is getting started with the right team... :)))

Rochelle is so lovely... they do grow too fast!

J is done with school, and is bouncing all over the house. she's gone up to clean her room...

Ted is working on Spansih. she still has some work to do...

MsSisyphus said...

She's gorgeous, Ann! So tall and looking so grown up in that dress. It's lovely. The other one was fun, but not exactly church appropriate and I think she may still be a bit young for clubbing.

Funny, Diva Girl nevers has a bad day at school until I say "clean your room." Then suddenly there is all sorts of drama.

Merle said...

Hi Ann ~~ Great photos of Rochelle and the cat, I hope he was just tired. Oh for a cat's life. Thank you very much for pointing out my error. It is fixed now, thanks. I bought new phones today as I have had a lot of strife with old ones. Now I have to work out how to charge them and get numbers into them.
Always something to do,as you well know.
I don't know much about geese Ann, so I wouldn't worry about that. I had seen it at Jacqui's blog. Take care, Merle.

Tammy said...

I loved the mint green dress on Rochelle...very pretty young lady!

Betti said...

what a fantastic goodwill find! Thank you for stopping by my blog yesterday. :)

madcapmum said...

Morning Ann!

Lovely Rochelle
The dress suits well
She looks real swell
That California belle

I don't know where that came from. Random drive-by poetry.

Gawdessness said...

Love that dress, really pretty on Rochelle.

I don't like apples with bums. Too dry.

JunieRose2005 said...


Love visiting your place!
Seems like a great place for those girls! :)


Sue said...

I laughed at your cell phone problems!
Sounds like me. They have so many features that I just have no clue about!
I just use the basic ones and hope for the best :-)

Gina said...

Gorgeous! The dress and Rochelle!

I am with you on the apples, green ones tend to be a bit too tart for me.

And as for your son- hey, it's tough with a newborn! I'm impressed with two posts, when Mr. P was a newborn, I was a wreck. Thank goodness I didn't have a blog.

Nanny in New York said...

My grandmother used to come home everyweek with huge bags of clothes she'd bought for me at the local hospital's thrift shop. She had an excellent eye. This post really brought that all back to me.


wolfbaby said...

grr me blogger dosn't like me again... I like both dresses, they grow up so fast don't they *sigh* can i keep mine little forever LOL I love green apples so does cookie monster:)

clairesgarden said...

teenagers and cats, what we live with!
blessings to you and yours

Dawn I. said...

Rochelle looks so nice. I think they are going to love having this blog to look back on when they are older.

DellaB said...

Beautiful girl.. they grow up much too quickly.. I wish I'd known that before mine grew up!

about mobile phones... haha... I work for a company that provides PayTv, Internet Services and Mobile Phones, on the customer support phone lines. I am an Internet person, but have just had to learn to support the mobiles too.

When we were in training, one of the trainers (a young bloke) was making a point about dealing with the customers, he said "... you never know who is on the other end, it could well be a 60 year-old granny..."

He didn't know that I AM a 60 year-old granny... I don't look it... most of the other trainees do know though, so we all had a really good laugh. Poor Grant, he had a really red face!

Atasha said...

This dress is nice also. Much more toned down :-)and the color suits her well. Funny with the apples, my son is the same way. He needs his apples to be red and won't eat the green ones. I love the tartness though. Still with that phone! And oh you're lucky your dishes are already clean. I've been watching the sink pile up since morning and have not ven attempted to tackle it. Too much housework, not enough time.

Jo said...

I love the green dress, so pretty, so slim, so young and lovely. I think I used to be that, once upon a time...

Ava said...

Spunky is a very pretty cat.

I love the green dress!!!!! She looks very good in it.

I'm glad you got some cleaning done because I sure didn't get anything done around here! That will be tomorrow!!!


Sarah Elaine said...

Lovely photos -- and nice green dress.

PEA said...

That dress really suits her...girls these days just seem to look so much older than their age! You're not a mean grandma...just a caring one trying to teach the girl right from wrong! I laughed at the cat...I'd love to be relaxed like that! lol As for the cell phone, mine is over 4 years old and very easy to use...I'm almost afraid of buying a new one because they seem so much more complicated now!

JBlue said...

That girl is so adorable (they all are), and she looks lovely in the dress.

Jenny said...

I love the dress! She looks gorgeous.

I LUV CATS said...

I found the cutest photo on your site.