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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Rochelle the Flapper.

Or the hootchie, however we want to look at it. That dress comes down to a V point at the bottom. It doesn't show so well in this picture.

And she could have used a more attractive background.

At least those are clean dishes you see. I'll put everything away when I'm sure I've seen the last of it for the night. I hate doing things twice.

If we hadn't been among friends last night, she never would have left the house with that on her back.

She and I met Tim for lunch today - Chinese buffet. Then to Ross for Tim to pick up a couple of things and to the Verizon store so they could show me how to set the voice mail password for the phones. They did it for me so I still don't know but that's okay. I'm still having problems with Ray's phone. The buttons are so small I can't work the toggle for the menu. I'll practice tomorrow. If I can get the basic dozen numbers he uses on speed dial, it doesn't need anything else.

I don't think I mentioned Rochelle was the first to figure out the picture taking capabilities of the new phones. I told her we'd look at the book after a while. She just picked up the phone and started pushing buttons. Geek.

Then home to laundry and other things. Rebecca spent the night at a sleepover last night but is back home today.

Elcie is either trying to come down with a cold or is suffering from our lack of air quality. Not crabby, just sniffly. Even I'm having a few problems with it especially when I'm outside. Other than that, we're all doing well. She's continuing with her much improved disposition and still getting out much more. I let her go to a friend's house 1-1/2 blocks away yesterday. She did fine. The more she does, the more she wants to try.

I've been a little busier with the girls out of school and didn't get a chance to get back to everyone who commented. For those I missed, thanks.

Short again tonight if you don't count the meme (scroll down) and Merle's contribution on cats and teens (scroll down further).

Mollie - Giants 11, Diamondbacks 4, Barry 717. Sorry Oshee, it was one of those nights.

See you tomorrow. I'm working on a Father's Day post - probably before the actual day. Just haven't decided on the best approach. My dad died over 20 years ago but there is still quite a bit I could say about him. Or maybe just devote a post to Ray who certainly didn't realize he was going to be raising 3 little girls when he married me almost 17 years ago. I didn't realize it either.

Take care, everyone.



Missy said...

Oh, she looks so sophisticated, Ann! Beautiful girl.

Dawn I. said...

Yes she does look good. And clean dishes are always good too. Jeremy and my nephew take pictures on my Mom's cell phone. They are 5 and 7. However when my Mom accidentally deleted all her pictures from her phone she came to me. I know a lot of tech stuff but cell phones isn't one of them. I haven't had one for years. And if I did get one it would mainly be to check my email when away from home! I can see how they are handy though. Most members of my family have one.

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

Nice dress, and it looks good on her too.

Kids just get all these new gagits! I have to look through the book, and try it out a few times and then there's my daughter, "it's like this mom!"

My daughter is a geek too!


ipodmomma said...

Rochelle looks lovely! oh man, they are growing up so quickly!!!

yeah for SF! :)))

J is our resident 'geek'. she's so good at just picking thinks up and having a go! it's their age, not afraid...

that is wonderful about Elcie... good news all around! :)))

Atasha said...

She looks great in that dress and all grown up too. She is beautiful

Your background is just fine. Atleast you didn't take a picture with the trash in it like me! HA

No geek in this household. We recently got the RAZR and since we both refused to read that directory sized book (well it's not really that big) it's been guess work. My husband figured out how to take pictures by accident and he was ever so proud. It is hard to find anything without a camera these days because we really didn't want one. I guess we have to get with the times. All this complicated nonsense. I just need to be able to answer and make calls.

Turtle Guy said...

Hubba, hubba!! There's something about the contrast of beauty in amongst the ordinary, or not so "beautiful"... the everyday kitchen is a wonderful backdrop.

Turtle Guy said...

...and speaking of backdrop, love the page!!

Anonymous said...

Um, it took me a week and then a 10 minute phone conversation with my husband to figure out the speakerphone function on my cell. The conversation went like this: "Can you hear me? Now? OK, how about now? OK, how about now? Now? Now?" until I finally got it. But my kids can use it by instinct.

Rochelle's dress looks very grown-up. She's a pretty girl.

megz_mum said...

Interesting backgrounds add character! Nice shot!

LoisLane said...

My son can almost always figure out gadgets before I can - especially if said gadget is a video game. ;)

Alice said...

How about a post devoted to both of them?

Rochelle looks beautiful. Hope Rebecca has fun. Hope Elcie gets better soon.

Tell her I have hayfever and asthma; I feel her pain.

By the by; I'm a Golden Retriever.

So there you go.


Gina said...

I was going to say that she looks so grown up there!

Stay cool and hope the air quality improves, although normally it gets worse as the summer goes by...

DA said...

Rochelle looks just beautiful Ann

doubleknot said...

Nice dress, beautiful young lady. At least the dishes are clean - I tend to forget what is in the back ground of some of my pictures and some I couldn't post. Father's Day is just a few days away. My Mom and I were talking about my Dad he will have been gone five years this year - where has the time gone. I still feel like he is going to answer the phone when I call Mom.

J said...

She's gorgeous....most parties everyone ends up in the kitchen anyway, so maybe that's the best place to try out a new outfit? ;)

We've had bad allergies here in Walnut Creek, too. Blech. Better today, I think.

Mary P. said...

Pretty dress. On the counter with the dishes, she adds a whole new level of class to the kitchen! (Hootchie, nothin': it's all in how you hold yourself. Sit up straight I warn my daughter!)

Let's hear it for geeky children!! It's my son who does the figuring out for me. Good thing he's cooperative! He's out from school early tomorrow (last day before exams), and I'm letting him stay out till midnight tonight (on a "school" night!!!) if he'll come straight home after school tomorrow and help me run the scanner (new computer toy I have yet to use) so as to make Father's Day gifts for the tots' dads.

I'll miss his expertise when he heads off to university! Better get some serious tutoring from the boy in the next year!

PEA said...

Rochelle does look beautiful in that dress...ahhhh to be so young again!! Don't worry about the background, I'm bad at that too, never pay attention to what's behind the actual thing I want to take a picture of! lol I can imagine how much busier you are now that the girls are out of school...are they good at helping you around the house? I'm also working on a Father's Day tribute to my dad who passed away in 1979. Will look forward to reading yours!

Autumn said...

She looks really pretty in the dress. Don't worry about the kitchen, she will look back someday and laugh at where she was sitting

mo-wo said...

So lovely and its not the dress really. Special girl.

Sothis said...

Wow, Rochelle looks 18 or 19 in that dress (she does look like a model)! I can imagine it freaks you out a little. Kids always want to grow up so fast...

smiley said...

Rochelle is looking great in that photo. I love the dress.

wolfbaby said...

She looks beatiful:)
Dont know bout the v in the back though how old is she again? Your braver then I am LOL... my hubby figures out the gadget stuff... i just guess until he tells me;0

Jacqui said...

Hi Ann,
There is no need to feel silly about the geese, there's heaps of things we don't know about your fauna.
First thing, we don't have wild geese so they don't have to fly anywhere, second is, if we did have wild geese, we don't have the winter temperatures that you do in the northern hemisphere, so once again they wouldn't have to fly away anywhere.

Thanks for dropping by, am glad of your visit anytime, and look forward to them.

hugs jacqui

Peter said...

Hi Ann, and more importantly, if we did have wild geese they WOULD in fact fly NORTH for the winter.