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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Giving Up for Tonight

Lots of stuff went on today but I'm too fuzzy to think about any of it.

Tomorrow, okay?

For now, it's bedtime.

Florida seems to have been spared the worst of the storms. I'll pray that's true.

Giants lost.

Rochelle has outdone herself fashion wise but I forgot to take a picture. I think she was disguised as a flapper.

Oh, I spent half my day at the cell phone store trying to renew my contract. Now have two new phones. Not too fancy but they will take pictures. It's hard to find them now that don't. Both also have speakers which I appreciate.

How's that for brief?

Good Night all



Sothis said...

Rochelle is definitely a budding fashionista. Anyone who wears boots in summer just to look good must love clothes. Does she know how to sew?

Have a good night. Have fun with the new phones!

ipodmomma said...

too bad for SF...

rain here today, a nice change...

hope you have a good sleep!

ps... I asked Peter what the wager is... if it's a good one, he's on! :)))

vhfun... word verification for today...

Anonymous said...

Hope all is well.

Have fun with the new phones. I have a camera phone, too, but I always forget that I do and rarely use it as such.


Alice said...

My mobile (cell) won't take pictures, but Mike's will. His phone will also film things for several seconds. We've got some brilliant footage of Bingo both by himself and playing with us.

If I can figure out how to transfer it from his phone to my email (he has to set up a free account, I think) I'll post one or two of them.


...Oh, by the way; is Giants loosing good or bad?


Gina said...

Hope you all are having a good day today. Its' supposed to be 85 here, hot up your way as well, I'm guessing.

PEA said...

Hope you had a good night's sleep, you deserve it! I always smile when you mention Rochelle and her fashion sense...she may just end up a fashion designer one day:-) Have a great day Ann!!

EmmaSometimes said...

A flapper? hehe. When I think of flappers I always think of the song:

Ma, he's making eyes at me
Ma, he's awful nice to me
Ma, he's almost breaking my heart
I'm beside him
Mercy! Let his conscience guide him!...

Ava said...

Hi there!

Would have loved to see a picture of Rochelle!! That's awesome!

I hope that you had a good rest!


Jenorama said...

Hi Ann,

I gave Mary P. your hug for you. :)

I am sitting in her dining room right now. We are invited to dinner (pork chops).

Mary P. said...

Guess what? Jen-o-rama and I are sitting side by side at my dining room table - reading YOU! Bonding over granny. Aren't you flattered? Or something...

Anonymous said...

dang, it took me all of 15 minutes to get another contract and a new camera phone with all my numbers transferred to it even. your phone store must be staffed with people who are. well. nothing, never mind

JunieRose said...

Ann, That was certainly briefer than my 'whiney ' post of tonight! :)